Alison Wonderland Opens Up About Women In Dance/Electronic Music

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Alison Wonderland is one of the reigning queens of electronic music — and she really wants to see more women on the Billboard Dance 100.


It took years of hard work for Wonderland to get where she is. A relentless passion for music and her natural gift for making it have finally earned her the recognition she deserves. The DJ/producer ranked on DJ Mag’s coveted Top 100 list in 2018 — and she’s already proven in 2019 that she’s not going anywhere.

Most recently, Wonderland was named No. 36 on Billboard Dance‘s comprehensive 100 Top DJs of 2019 list. She also graced the cover of a special edition of the Billboard Dance issue alongside other incredible female artists, Rezz and Tokimonsta.

“I feel weird talking about this kind of stuff because I never thought any of this would ever happen to me,” she admitted in response to TMN. “It’s so cool to be getting considered a legitimate artist and that my hard work is paying off, so it means a lot.”

She and many others have helped pave the way for aspiring female figures in the dance/electronic realm. There was a time not long ago that women had to “prove” themselves in a male-dominated industry. As the highest ranking female on the Billboard Dance list, Alison believes we are indeed moving past all that. And, it’s about damn time.

“I’m going to look at it in a positive way. I don’t want to be negative about this subject because the more people do that, the more negativity it attracts. I think that there are more women in this list year by year. The gap is slowly getting bridged. A few years ago it was hard to convince people that you were legitimate, and there was a bit of sexism going on.”

We’re beyond proud of Alison Wonderland’s accomplishments — and all the other women out there, those who identify as female — who are absolutely crushing it. Keep it up, stay determined, and amazing art won’t go unnoticed!

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