Alison Wonderland New Virtual Experience, ” WONDERVERSE “

Alison Wonderland is taking live streaming to the next level with her own virtual universe. In collaboration with Wave, the DJ/producer prevents WONDERVERSE. The live, interactive show is “filled with magic, awe-inspiring spells, and transformative visuals.” WONDERVERSE is described as a “one-of-a-kind” immersive event where virtually anything can happen.”

WONDERVERSE takes place in a “fantastical underworld forest,” where you can interact with AW and each other. The experience features an all-new live show, virtual magic, exclusive, behind-the-scenes content — and the best part — new music!

Alison has kept her loyal following engaged throughout quarantine with DJ tutorials, several online festival performances, and a special b2b with Valentino Khan. Plus, her solo original “Bad Things” and collab with VK, “Anything.”

WONDERVERSE is going down Friday, January 8th. Tickets are $10 and on sale here.


Introducing the Wonderverse.

On Jan 8th I’ll be playing a live set in an entirely different universe.

We will be interacting with eachother in REAL TIME.

This is going to be crazy.

you will be on a different planet with me.

Tix on sale NOW

— ALISON WONDERLAND (@awonderland) December 19, 2020

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