Alison Wonderland Is Back Today With Thundering “ TIDES ”

It’s been seven years since Alison Wonderland last released a solo original under her Whyte Fang alias, but she’s back today with “TIDES,” a brief but thundering 105-second instrumental. Waiting this long, or paying attention to all the hype around a new Whyte Fang single and then going on Spotify and seeing “1:45” for the duration definitely felt like a bit of a letdown at first. But after listening to the single, and hearing no wasted space, it’s a bit refreshing, as well. Objectively the Whyte Fang project has to be differentiated from her main Alison Wonderland project, so expecting more of the same with a different flavor isn’t the proper approach. Check out “TIDES” from Whyte Fang below.

Photo via Marc Van der Aa for Insomniac Events