Alison Wonderland Demonstrates How to perform mash ups LIVE on stage

In the latest episode of Alison Wonderland‘s YouTube series, How To DJ for Beginners, she responds to her fans directly with a special Q&A and tutorial.

For the first question — “How to perform mash ups LIVE on stage?” AW demonstrates how it’s done. Of course, there are a number of ways to prepare for and perform a mashup, but she prefers to set hot cues and do it on the fly. Just watch the queen at work as she matches her exclusive, unreleased acapella to the beat! Actually, can we get a download on that?

She also touches on how to organize your music library in Rekordbox and shows how to dig through your tracks and playlists on the CDJs, whether they be stored on a USB or SD card. Finally, she briefly covers mixing in key and why it’s important to help with the flow of DJ sets.

Watch below

Alison Wonderland Answers Your DJ Questions

Photo via Ivan Meneses for Insomniac Events