ALIGN Releases Dreamlike Debut EP “Intertwine”

The debut EP from ALIGN, Intertwine, is at once at odds with its creator. Whereas ALIGN implies symmetry and parallelism, to intertwine something is to make it muddled, each piece indistinct from another. Whether ALIGN intended to convey this juxtaposition and theoretical mindfuck isn’t clear (he goes into the meaning behind  Intertwine below), but what is abundantly clear and immediately apparent is the quality of this work.

It’s fairly easy to, upon first listen, compare this release to the sound of ODESZA. While sonically it certainly shares some thematic elements with ODESZA, the presentation and writing are all inherently ALIGN’d.

The 5-track EP presents a beautiful, ambient, dreamlike atmosphere for you to lose yourself in and just vibe out. Close your eyes, put on some headphones, and just be present.

“When we finally started to pull out of the winter and darker times, I felt like I had found the direction I needed to go. Overall, ‘Intertwine’ holds its name because the more I think about things, the more I realize they’re all connected, and well, intertwined. This EP generally represents a range of emotions that we go through as humans, and how they’re all connected to each other in one way or another. The tracks on ‘Intertwine’ are not without their flaws, and none are perfect, but neither are we — I look at these minor pieces as things to embrace.” – ALIGN

Listen to Intertwine from ALIGN below.