Alesso Unleashes Amazing 3-Track “PROGRESSO VOLUME 1” EP [LISTEN]

Alesso is keeping the rave alive with a new mixtape entitled PROGRESSO VOLUME 1. As the name suggests, it’s a three pack of progressive delicacies. Delve into the most current sounds of Alesso with three outstanding new tracks, “PROGRESSO,” “CONFESSION,” and “TIME.” With the perfect blend of his classic sound and a new wave of ideas, Alesso puts forth a massive, melodic soundscape that only adds depth to his already sprawling catalog of dance music.

The best part? Being that this is “VOLUME 1” — we know there’s plenty more where this came from.

Alesso has a big year ahead of him, with major headlining spots at Disneyland Paris’ Electroland, Indy 500’s Snake Pit, Tomorrowland, and more. Keep your eyes on ears locked on Alesso!

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