Alesso Shows How To Make Big Room EDM In Under A Minute [WATCH]

Producers — if you’ve ever wanted to make a big room EDM song, now is the time! Alesso shows you exactly how to do so in under a minute with his latest tutorial on Twitter. The steps are simple, but will obviously require much more time than the video suggests.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown, courtesy of Alesso:

Find some chords
Make a nasty bassline
Play a melody with a lot of delay
Add too many layers of the same melody
Make your own kickdrum
Find a friend who can easily write a topline

As one of the greatest EDM artists of all time, Alesso is obviously an expert on the subject and makes big room look like a cakewalk. With time, practice, and dedication, however — it’s possible to get on this level.

Watch below and follow Alesso on Twitter for more tips here.

Alesso: How To Make Big Room EDM

— Alesso (@Alesso) March 18, 2020

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