Alesso Puts Out Banger Remix with ESH for “Midnight” ft. Liam Payne

Alesso‘s ballad with Liam Payne comes full circle with a very special remix from the DJ/producer himself and collaborator ESH. The original track, released during quarantine, tugs at our heart strings — but this remix takes “Midnight” into the late hours. With a driving bassline and pumping energy, Alesso and ESH turn up the heat and change up the intention entirely.

“Midnight,” an anthem of a track, received a music video from isolation back in April. Now, fans can enjoy remixes from Vicetone, Magnificence, Sylvain Armand & Kiko Franco here, as well as Alesso’s self-made remix below.

The dance ballad is entirely transformed and nearly unrecognizable in its new form. Check it out!


Midnight ft. Liam Payne (Alesso & ESH Remix)

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