Alesso & Marshmello Release Their Debut Collaboration “Chasing Stars” feat. James Bay

Alesso and Marshmello are both superstar DJs in their own rights, so a collaboration between them was inevitable (not to mention they belong to the same management, which certainly contributed). Today, they release their debut collaboration “Chasing Stars” featuring James Bay. A beautifully detailed look back at a broken relationship, “Chasing Stars” opens on a poignant, piano-accompanied vocal performance from Bay (who also created the single’s enchanting artwork).

From there, Alesso and Marshmello work their magic, layering in driving beats and folk-infused guitar work before building up to the drop. Equal parts bittersweet and euphoric, “Chasing Stars” then transforms into a full-tilt anthem, its chorus lit up in gloriously soaring synth lines that perfectly reflect the track’s no-regrets sentiment.