Akame Expertly Deliver Chill Future Bass Track “With You” [LISTEN]

Like a tidal wave, the future bass subgenre took over and in the wake we’re constantly on the hunt for artists that reinvent it. There’s a duo out of Germany known as Akame doing just that, with a hybrid sound like no other. Their latest, “With You” has instantly won our hearts and we hope you love it, too.

“With You” is a chill take on future bass, with expert vocal chops and unexpectancies that make the production well worth the listen. It’s a simple gesture — I need to be with you — but it’s how Akame presents it that really hits right in the feels. Whirling synths and a little trap flair set this single over the edge. If you want to dive deeper into the Akame sound, their guest mix out now via dr0p will deliver that fix. Akame’s vision is in line with Ekali, RL Grime and KRANE — so if you vibe with those artists, chances are you’ll appreciate the music below.

Listen right here and link up with Akame.

Get it: fanlink.to/akamewithyou

Akame – With You