AIDAN-XX aka NADIA LANFRANCONI allures everyone with her beautiful singing in ‘Till The War Is Over’

AIDAN-XX aka NADIA LANFRANCONI asks everyone to get creative and move forward with life as she highlights the same with her sweet, catchy voice in ‘Till The War Is Over’. Italian singer-songwriter AIDAN-XX aka NADIA LANFRANCONI captures quarantine feels perfectly with her latest video ‘Till The War Is Over’. Gliding apart from her usual Country-Americana genre, the singer has focused to alter her persona and gives her new creation a more futuristic tone as she lends her ethereal voice to make the project highly compelling. Living in quarantine is taking a toll on everyone but the singer urges everyone to utilize the time for good. Her writing seems to fit perfectly with the well-arranged theme and she finds all the right melodies to include in her soundscape. The talented songsmith showed off her skillful abilities as she recorded the whole video by attaching the camera to her foot.

‘Till The War Is Over’ gives off a very hypnotic and pleasant musical experience with its engaging and meaningful video clips where the singer is seen uttering the lyrics with utmost feelings. Her melodious voice sticks in your head and the song’s message rings true, reminding everyone to get active and move forward, during this difficult time. AIDAN-XX aka NADIA LANFRANCONI has easily fitted her composition with the strange times we are living in and you can now experience it in full on YouTube.

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