After Record Revenue, SoundCloud’s First Move Is… Stories?

Earlier this month, SoundCloud posted a record revenue for the company following layoffs and expanding its Premier monetization platform. After such a momentous announcement, you’d think that the streaming company would introduce some sort of cool feature, improve on its existing features, or something along those lines.

Nope. Stories.

Everything has stories now. Instagram. Facebook. WhatsApp. Even YouTube. And Spotify. Now, SoundCloud.

Why? Who knows. No one asked for this.

Will it negatively affect me in any way? Absolutely not. I still don’t really like it if the alternative is putting effort into features that would actually benefit the community.

That being said, there’s an argument to be made that users’ feeds have become oversaturated by repost chains and the quality of content they see day-to-day has dropped significantly. Adding stories could serve to put songs back in the eyes of listeners directly — though it remains to be seen if stories on SoundCloud won’t end up gamed like every other facet of the platform.

Still, the reaction of the majority is fairly aptly demonstrated by label Jadū Dala below.

everyone: i wish SoundCloud would get their shit together

SoundCloud: how bout SoundCloud stories?

everyone: what? no


— Jadū Dala (@jadudala) January 30, 2020