Afrojack & SAYMYNAME Recreate Iconic Grime Anthem “Man’s Not Hot”

It almost seems impossible that Big Shaq’s iconic, parodic grime tune “Man’s Not Hot” came out almost three years ago, but then again, time doesn’t have any meaning in quarantine, and the last three years have seemed like a blur anyway. Still, for Afrojack and SAYMYNAME to cover the song and turn it into a hard trap tune is not something we ever expected, yet here we are.

Yesterday, the two released “Hot,” a cover of the song with new vocals, but those same recognizable lyrics. The original grime tune is transformed into a hard trap beat over the course of two minutes, wasting but only 17 seconds before getting into the first drop. We can only imagine how much fun this tune would have been to work on, because it’s just as fun to listen to.

Check it out below!

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