Adventure Club & Kaivon Collaboration,“You’ll Never Be Alone”

Taking a look back at the last decade of bass music, or electronic music as a whole for that matter, few names stand out as much as Adventure Club. Years of hits have earned the Adventure Club project a grammy nomination and notoriety in the minds of almost every fan in electronic music. Similarly, a name that has seen massive success over these past few years is eclectic producer Kaivon. Garnering over four million streams on tracks like ‘I Love You.’ & ‘Sober’ with Slushii on Spotify, it only seems right that one of the hottest names in melodic bass collaborates with one of the genre’s founding fathers.

‘You’ll Never Be Alone’ is a feel-good journey from start to finish. The creative manipulation of the angelic vocals throughout the intro gives a proper foreshadow of what’s to come, right before these massive theatrical leads take hold of the record. In addition to these elements, the percussion of the record hits exceptionally hard through the mix. One thing is for sure, we can’t wait to hear this on a proper sound system next festival season.

Adventure Club & Kaivon- “You’ll Never Be Alone”