ADE Makes its Final Additions to Complete the 2019 Program

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) has grown to become the most influential space for development and cultivation of electronic music culture. Besides the extensive conference and festival program, ADE highlights current technological and social trends as well as crossovers with other mediums such as film and photography, making Amsterdam the meeting point for the global electronic music community.

Starting off in just two short weeks ADE will be underway. This year, as previously announced, will have its focus on France and entail a special, curated program in De Balie and numerous emerging and established artists. Along side that, ADE will also be paying homage to 100 years of electronic music instruments. Not only will there be a specially arranged museum in De Brakke Grond displaying special instruments but talks and workshops with pioneers from all over the world will also be hosted. After the focus on South Korea last year, the musical growth of Asia is again strongly represented in the day and night program. The country pavilions in De Balie are set to return with special attention for Japan and China, among others.

With the completion of the full program we can see a major spotlight on sustainability, social innovation and other important themes such as mental health throughout. Education and talent development are also taking centre stage, with multi-day programs ADE Sound Lab and ADE University for starting artists and young professionals, and a Writers Camp in Vondel CS. This year also sees the return of ADE Live, the two-day program that offers a platform to emerging live talent.

Finally, 2019 marks the premiere of the ADE Zen Space, a multi-day program in De Waalse Kerk in the center of Amsterdam where visitors can relax with a special sleeping concert, meditation and special audiovisual installations. The full cultural day program spreads over more than 40 locations with the Eye, Het Hem and Lab111 and as eye-catching locations.

– – – – –You can take a look through the full festival program here to find specific artists, talks, and pop-ups here. To purchase the full ADE pass you can visit their website.

News via ADE