AC Slater & Chris Lorenzo Unveil Their Debut Fly With Us Track – “Shrine Banger”

After two years of anticipation since their initial collaboration on “Fly With Us” under the Nightbass label, the powerhouse duo of AC Slater and Chris Lorenzo has now dropped their first official single as part of their new collaborative venture, aptly named “Fly With Us.” Their debut release, “Shrine Banger,” serves as a fitting introduction to this exciting project, as it was the opening track for their electrifying b2b performance at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles one year ago.

Heating Up the House Scene

“Shrine Banger” is a certified house music heater, and it doesn’t disappoint. It effortlessly blends AC Slater and Chris Lorenzo’s distinctive yet complementary styles. The track’s drop hits with force, featuring infectious squeaky synths, a deep and gritty low end, and a perfectly timed vocal sample exclaiming, “And, I’m flying on a jet!”

A Stellar Debut

Following their scorching performance at HARD Summer just last month, Slater and Lorenzo are taking their Fly With Us project to the next level. They’ve announced their very first Fly With Us show, scheduled for next month at the iconic Shrine venue. It’s a fitting choice for a debut, considering the track’s origin. Fans can secure their tickets for this highly anticipated event.

The Future of Fly With Us

“Shrine Banger” marks the beginning of an exciting journey for Fly With Us, the collaborative effort of AC Slater and Chris Lorenzo. As they continue to push the boundaries of house music, there’s no doubt that fans can look forward to more electrifying tracks and unforgettable performances.

In conclusion, “Shrine Banger” is a testament to the chemistry between AC Slater and Chris Lorenzo. Their Fly With Us project is off to a scintillating start, and “Shrine Banger” is just the beginning of what promises to be a thrilling musical adventure. Be sure to check out their debut single, and keep an eye out for their upcoming performances and releases, as Fly With Us takes the house music scene by storm.