Abraxis (Seven Lions + Dimibo) Drops New Song, “Half Of It”

Before today, Abraxis, the collaborative project between Seven Lions and Dimibo, had only dropped two tracks. Today marks the third official release from the project, “Half Of It.” Those who listened to their Amygdala Mix from earlier this year will immediately recognize the track, but for those who didn’t, hearing it with fresh ears is equally exciting. The vocals and melody in the beginning lure you into a false sense of complacency, as if maybe this is just another Seven Lions melodic dubstep song.

But as the melody breaks and the drums begin to filter in, melding with the rhythm of the vocals, it soon becomes clear that it’s anything but “just another.” The first drop is a sort of minimal, trance-y bit that has elements of psytrance at just a slower tempo. It continues building on itself, element upon element, until it hits the middle break. The second drop brings more of a funky psytrance flavor to the mix, with a bouncier rhythm and heavier synths and bass. From there, it goes into pure psytrance to wrap everything up.

Like everything we’ve come to expect from Seven Lions, Dimibo, and Abraxis, the song is a journey through high quality sounds and it’s come out simply amazing. Check it out below!

Photo via Abraxis