Above & Beyond Unveil Their First 2024 Single: “Crazy Love”

The esteemed UK production and DJ trio, Above & Beyond, kick off 2024 by revisiting their roots with the release of “Crazy Love,” their latest single featuring the talented vocalist Zoë Johnston.

“Crazy Love” embodies the signature elements that have defined Above & Beyond’s illustrious career in trance music. With delicate piano notes, soulful vocals courtesy of Zoë Johnston, and a melodic synth buildup, the track captures the essence of what makes an A&B classic.

Originally premiered during their Group Therapy 500 show in Los Angeles during the summer of 2022, “Crazy Love” has since become a highly anticipated addition to the trio’s discography. For many fans of Above & Beyond, Zoë Johnston’s vocals serve as the pinnacle of their music, and “Crazy Love” is poised to join the ranks of their most beloved tracks.

Zoë Johnston sheds light on the inspiration behind “Crazy Love,” revealing that the song is dedicated to someone special in her life who navigates through both blessings and enduring struggles with grace and resilience. Through her heartfelt lyrics, Johnston expresses admiration for this individual’s ability to embrace life’s challenges without succumbing to judgment or concern for others’ opinions.

With “Crazy Love,” Above & Beyond deliver a powerful message of acceptance, resilience, and unconditional love, further solidifying their reputation as pioneers in the trance music scene. The track is now available on Anjunabeats, inviting listeners to embark on a nostalgic journey through more than a decade of Above & Beyond’s iconic sound. Additionally, fans can relive the magic of the trio’s electrifying EDC Las Vegas 2023 set, further immersing themselves in the world of Above & Beyond’s music.