A$AP Rocky Could Be Paid More Than $2 Million If Found Not Guilty

If found not guilty, A$AP Rocky could be compensated for his horrific time spent in jail. According to TMZ, Swedish law permits a person to seek reimbursement for losses during their incarceration if the defendant is found not guilty. Since his incarceration, A$AP Rocky has been forced to cancel over a dozen shows and festival appearances across Europe, including Tomorrowland. Rocky’s lawyers have stated that his three-week-long detention has had a detrimental effect on the Harlem rapper’s career. A$AP Rocky has reportedly lost more than $1 million due to canceled events in England, Norway, and Poland alone. TMZ estimates Rocky brings in roughly $100,000 per performance and Sweden could be facing a hefty civil suit if Rock is found not guilty.

Yesterday, authorities dropped their investigation into the Swedish man allegedly involved in the brawl with Rocky. His lawyer has stated that they have received written confirmation that the man will not be charged as he is not suspected of any crime. Swedish prosecutors have until Thursday, July 25th to make a decision on Rocky’s investigation and subsequent indictment. If Swedish authorities decide to move forward, they will formally charge A$AP Rocky with aggravated assault later this week.

Despite intervention by celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and even President Donald Trump himself, a spokesperson for the Swedish prosecution told CNN, “The Swedish judicial system is completely independent and does not take into consideration outside pressure from politicians or others.”

Ironically, it was announced today that A$AP Rocky will be headlining Rolling Loud’s first-ever New York City expansion this October.