A “Waterfall” Of Smooth Music From Memphis Singer She’Chinah

It’s been over a year since Memphis singer/songwriter She’Chinah has released new music. However, her work was more under the radar. She has been diligently working on her latest single “Waterfall,” which incorporates a more house flair into her smooth vocals. While the previously released “Solitaire” was rooted in R&B with notes of Jazz and Neo-Soul, “Waterfall” showcases another side of She’Chinah’s talent. The single is produced by Teddy LOET, Eillo, and She’Chinah.

“Waterfall” is an upbeat track that captures a feeling of “walking on a cloud.” A couple of words that can be used to describe the single is therapeutic, nostalgic, and dreamy. The “waterfall” she refers to is her emotions running free on the track while she uses her voice to express more sides to her.

“I’ve had many moments of deep thought over the last year, and I’m always looking for ways to communicate them,” states She’Chinah.
“Once I heard this production, it all sort of just flowed out almost effortlessly. ‘Waterfall’ is about a sense of possessiveness or selfishness that we sometimes experience when we want to be with someone even though that may only serve as a disruption to that person.”

Using a more upbeat production scale in the style of house music was a clever way to add more duality to the song. A smooth and relaxing beat allows her message to be communicated to listeners’ ears more efficiently. She’Chinah and her music have been making waves recently with features on EARMILK, Repp Magazine, as well as the Tidal Rising: R&B playlist. She’Chinah is currently preparing for a string of new releases in 2019; “Waterfall” should cause a downpour of success for the Memphis singer to start. Join her on that journey by giving the single some streams!