A viral Tweet brings together all music producers for the holidays

When you're immersed in the world of dance music, it's easy to think that producers who get all the credit are the norm. However, in the pop, country and rock worlds, this is often not the case. So when a woman tweeted a few days ago that "music producers should not get the same credit as the artist," well … everyone has rallied against a common enemy.

Music producers should not get the same credit as the artist.

– Alina (@alinathequeenx) December 23, 2018

When a tweet is controversial, it is always obvious that it contains as many answers as favorites. For the moment, this tweet has 2400 answers against 2700 favorites. Confirmed: controversial.

Many of the best dance music producers either responded directly to the original incriminating tweet or were quoted on Twitter with their own catch. Whatever it is, it was the hot topic during the holidays.

Discover below some of our favorite producers.

I did not know that anyone could be as completely ignorant of the workings of the music industry, but also of how music producers even work. pic.twitter.com/vjdgeWmok1

– rukes (@rukes) December 25, 2018

The artist is simply the marketable vessel by which a song is more likely to succeed statistically.

Transactions are traded on the basis of the perceived value contribution, as in any other activity.

The level of contribution of writers, singers and producers is very variable.

– ▽ (@ 3LAU) December 25, 2018

So, if I produce and design every part of the Somebodys album EXCEPT lyrics, I do not deserve credits? pic.twitter.com/Po41fgWfz6

– (@GetterOfficial) December 25, 2018

On a level from 1 to dumb … you are completely lobotomized

– FuntCase | DPMO (@FuntCaseUK) December 24, 2018

The only person I blocked pic.twitter.com/IVpJXJDzle

– TAILS (@tailsxbeats) December 24, 2018

Do you realize how much engineering takes into account the voices to give them a quality sound? Producers are turning the world of music.

– DACK JANIELS (@DackJanielsDub) December 24, 2018

Will not come here hot, but as counter-argument:

"Producers" do not always make "beats". Sometimes they write all the lyrics. Sometimes they write all the vocal melodies. Sometimes they do absolutely nothing. The same can be said of "the artist".

You simply do not know

– EKALI🍃 (@EkaliMusic) on December 24, 2018


What is pic.twitter.com/5yXAIScZww19459003]

– Midnight Tyrannosaurus (@Midnightasaurus) on December 24, 2018

Good luck in bringing someone to do literally anything in life for you with this lmao attitude

– slushii (@SlushiiMusic) on December 24, 2018

How can you make a global statement like this? Each case is so different, and in many cases the artists are puppets … and in others, the producer is the artist.

– SHAUN FRANK (@Shaun_Frank) on December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas to all but Alina https://t.co/rkxmGsXd7h


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