A Real-Life Version Of Netflix’s Squid Game In Abu Dhabi

kcc squid game

Image: UAE Korean Cultural Centre

The South Korean smash Netflix series Squid Game has taken the world by storm since its release on September 17. It has taken the number one spot of most-watched shows on the streaming platform. The Korean Cultural Centre (KCC) in Abu Dhabi is hosting a real-life version of the show this week. Thankfully, no one will be killed if they get eliminated.

squid game netflix

Image: Netflix

In the show, people are lured into the game with a promise of paying off their debts by playing and winning old childhood games. However, if they fail, they will be killed immediately. Of course, the games played at the KCC will have much tamer stakes than death. Nam Chan-woo, director of the KCC, told local media outlet, Khaleej Times, that the games played in the show are also similar to the ones played by children in the UAE.

He hopes that the worldwide phenomenon of Squid Game will help spread knowledge of Korean culture such as its alphabet, taekwondo and other K-dramas and movies. The game is open to UAE residents only with limited slots to 30 people. Players will wear t-shirts with the show’s logo and staff running the event will wear pink jumpsuits, similar to the ones worn by the guards in the show.

netdlix squid game

Image: Netflix

Applicants will have to answer questions testing them on their basic knowledge of the show. Participants of the real-life version of the show will play four games: “Red Light, Green Light”, the “Dalgona Candy Challenge”, “The Marbles Game”, and the paper flipping “Ddakji Game”. The games will be held in two-hour tournament-style sessions, with eliminated players becoming spectators and will watch the remainder of the games on the sidelines.

In related news, Jung Ho-yeon of Squid Game has been named Louis Vuitton‘s newest global ambassador. Originally starting her career in fashion by modelling for the very same brand in 2017 for its ready-to-wear campaign. She has since gone on to become a breakout star of the show, becoming the most followed Korean actor on Instagram.