A petition containing more than 20,000 signatures of one night asks YouTube to repair its copyright system

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YouTube The copyright protection system has some flagrant flaws – and instead of being a victim of the system, a content creator retaliates. TheFatRat launched a petition to repair YouTube's copyright protection system, which has collected more than 20,000 signatures in a day.

Recently, one of YouTuber's most popular videos has been stolen from him. An unknown company named Ramjets claimed copyright and YouTube did not ask any questions before revoking the rights of the real owner. Thus, TheFatRat video with more than 47 million views continues to bring in $ 3,000 per month for apparent fraud.

According to TheFatRat, YouTube said, "They do not resolve copyright disputes and I have to resolve the problem with the plaintiff." Of course, Ramjets did not send back his emails – so it was a stalemate. ]

Perhaps this has happened to TheFatRat so that it can draw more attention to the issue, although this is obviously not the original intention. In his petition, TheFatRat and more than 20,000 additional people are asking YouTube to "treat content seekers and creators in the same way, instead of assuming claims are always correct" and "to remove claims when they are". they are obviously false ".

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TheFatRat – How was my video with 47 million views stolen from YouTube

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