A New EP From Pendulum Is Coming June 17, Called Elemental

A new EP from Pendulum is coming June 17, called Elemental. The EP will feature previously released singles “Driver,” “Nothing For Free,” and “Come Alive,” as well as a new collaboration with Hybrid Minds, “Louder Than Words.” The Elemental EP will consist of four tracks, and is their first body of work to be released since 2011’s #1 smash hit album Immersion. The EP will also be available on 12” vinyl in the form of a premium phenakistoscope picture disc, which utilizes the artwork to create a unique animation when played at 45 rpm and filmed on a mobile phone.

Fans have been waiting eagerly for a new EP or album from the UK drum & bass group for a decade, so this is certainly a moment to celebrate. Watch Pendulum’s Elemental EP teaser video below, and pre-save the EP here. You can also pre-order the vinyl here.