A Garden Office Can Improve Your Working from home Productivity

As working from home has now become a large part of our working week, hundreds of professionals across Britain have decided to opt for a home office in their garden to keep their personal and professional lives separate. Besides creating a quiet space for work calls and important meetings, in fact, home offices also have the great advantage of giving you a space you can use to stay focused and maintain a good level of productivity. The high level of soundproofing achieved by a log garden room is incomparable to other office spaces and the direct effect of this is not only a quiet workspace, but also a very well insulated area that can be used all year round. So, what makes home offices the best choice for remote working? Here are ways a garden office can improve your productivity.

Use Your Time Wisely

Gone are the days you would have to spend a good portion of your time commuting to work, not having to travel to your workplace on a regular basis can save you a great deal of time. Think about all the missed trains and the hours spent in the traffic – especially if you used to work in the city – and imagine not having to deal with that anymore. Think about how efficient it would be to wake up in the morning and enjoy a stress-free breakfast before heading to your private home office. As the lunch break approaches, be prepared to mute your notifications, and go straight to your kitchen to enjoy your lunch without having to rush.

garden office

Garden offices allow you to separate your home and working life

Set Boundaries

By now we all know how difficult it is to share a space with other people for long periods of time – whether they are friends or family – and being able to set boundaries is crucial to maintain your productivity. After over a year spent working from home, the majority of us are now aware of how the fine line between work life balance can be easily blurred by everyday distractions. A dedicated workspace, such as a garden office, is a great way of separating spaces, giving you the peace of mind you need to shut the door and solely focus on your work.

Stay Focused

During lockdowns, workers quickly had to adapt to a new way of working, with many struggling to maintain a well-defined structure. Having a designated workspace in your home is exactly what you need when looking for a quiet space where distractions can’t reach you. While many people don’t wish to spare a room within their house to be converted into an office, a great space-saving alternative would be a garden office. Specifically designed to be sound-proof and fairly low maintenance, garden offices have gained huge popularity, becoming one of the most common choices for flexible workers across the country.

garden office

Demand for garden offices is growing fast, unsurprisingly

Do It Your Way

Most offices have very strict rules employees must follow, ranging from dress-codes to music limitations. What we tend to forget, however, is that everyone has different ways of working; some might like to light a few candles to keep their focus, while others might prefer to work with loud music in the background. With a home office anything goes! As this is practically a private office, you can make the rules and most employers will be happy with that, as long as it’s not disruptive to your colleagues’ productivity (maybe save the loud music for after the Teams meeting).

Ignore The Elements

Waking up on a cold rainy day makes it incredibly difficult to find the motivation to get dressed and go out, especially if ahead of you is a long journey to the office. But if the scenario awaiting you is only a short walk across your lawn, then getting up in the morning might not seem too bad after all. Garden rooms are also very well insulated thanks to the high-quality logs used in their production, making them the perfect working space all year round, while keeping the running costs low. As workers across Britain are now deciding whether to go back to the office or carry on working remotely, garden offices have established themselves as a flexible alternative which allow you to keep working from home while remaining productive and professional.