A Deluxe Version Of R&B Superstar Lucky Daye’s Second Album, “Candydrip” Has Just Been Released

A deluxe version of R&B superstar Lucky Daye‘s second album, “Candydrip,” which received a ton of positive reviews, has just been released. In addition to the original versions of “NWA,” “Magic,” “Apply Pressure,” and “These Signs,” the brand-new CD also features all of the fan favorites from the first release. The last three of these brand-new songs were produced by Lucky’s longtime associate D’Mile, who was just nominated for Producer of the Year at the GRAMMY Awards for his work on “Candydrip.”

Lucky Dave just received five Grammy nominations for the forthcoming 65th Grammy Awards. The album explores Daye’s reinterpretation of contemporary R&B via a seductive sensory-driven environment influenced by afrofuturism. The collection of work is a taste of a new age that honors his meteoric climb to fame while also taking listeners on a journey they’ve never had.