A Chocolate Lovers’ Dream Vacation at Gili Lankanfushi Maldives and Costa Cruises

You’ve heard it from friends, read it in forums and perhaps seen it in person; the act of bringing chocolate into the Maldives as gifts to service workers and the locals. An unusual and generous gesture but just how sweet are the Dhivehin’s teeth?

Of over 196 five star hotels and resorts listed in the Maldives, Gili Lankanfushi outranks them all as best resort in the world according to TripAdvisor.com and makes the Conde Nast Traveller Gold Lists year after year. Located on Lankanfushi Island in the North Malé Atoll Republic of Maldives – the resort features an underground chocolate, cheese and wine cellar. Lined with an assortment of every chocolate imaginable, guests enjoy opportunities to wine and dine with box of flavorful sweets.

Consisting of over 22 geographical atolls and 1200 islands, the Maldives is a chocolate nirvana. The Vakkaru island of Baa Atoll, is a secluded reef island which boasts power soft white sand, timeless ocean views, aqua marine biodiversity and just this past month – expert cocktail and chocolate making masterclasses. Under the adept guidance of award winning World Chocolate Master, Chef Alistair Birt, resort guests were invited to try their hand at crafting cocktails with chocolate. The classes took place over a period of four days from 22nd October to 25th October 2019.

Chef Birt, who is better known for his position as head pastry chef in Harrods, also arranged a pop-up ice-cream parlour serving gelato and his specially designed chocolate dégustation menu served to guests by the beach and under the stars, marking the final night of their four-day experience.

A new cruise celebrates one of life’s greatest pleasures. The cruise is a collaboration between c – an Italian cruise line based in Genoa and owned by Carnival Corporation, and Eurochocolate – an annual chocolate festival held in Perugia, Italy. The ‘Eurochocolate Cruise’ departs from Civitavecchia on April 16th 2020 and will spend eight days docked in Genoa, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Malta and Catania. Upon arrival guests onboard receive goody bags full of chocolate and are invited to participate in workshops, tastings, cooking classes and wine-chocolate pairing workshops led by master chocolatiers Guido Gobino, Enric Rovira and Pierpaolo Ruta. The cruise, which theme heavily revolves around chocolate, features a matching itinerary with daily excursions, including a visit to Barcelona’s Chocolate Museum. The cruise also boasts chocolate sculptures handcrafted by a Eurochocolate master, a swimming pool, water slide, and an Aperol Spritz bar. The ship can accommodate up to 3,780 guests per trip.

Every country has something to be revered for. In the U.S. it’s Hollywood film, music, pop culture and fast food. In Brazil it’s football and the Amazon Rainforest. Spain’s known for its bullfighting and France… for its Eiffel tower. Natural formations and spectacular views aside, the Maldives is recently recognised for its treasurable homemade chocolate. So much so that, online chocolate deliveries to and fro the Maldives have skyrocketed over the years. Send everything from a singular bar to a box, basket or a carton (up to 1KG) of the world’s finest handmade treats. With express options, customers from any country, can choose the specific day of shipment and delivery that best matches their schedule. Flavors include but are not limited to, rose, honey, mint, mocha, caramel, pine nut, ginger, truffle, raspberry, cocoa, speculoos, early grey and hazelnut. The delivery also includes a variety of packaging designs catering to every occasion.