90s Inspired Glam Look That Are Totally Right In 2021

There’s no denying that several 90s trends hit a little different this 2021, as they have resurfaced to trigger dear old nostalgic feelings. From the delicate slip dresses to the sensational bell bottoms, we clearly can’t get enough of the good ol’ 90s. Equally interesting is the 90s inspired glam look that all our favorite celebs and influencers are riding in full swing. Certainly, if there’s one trend to hop on this season, it’s this one. When you think of the 90s makeup, you may not consider it to be overly relevant today, but it is.

Of course, you’d have no need to go full out like it was done in the 90s, but with a few tweaks here and there you’re sure to get a super impressive makeup look inspired by the 90s but relevant for today. However, a rule of thumb when trying to pick inspiration from a past decade is to focus on accentuating a feature while playing others subtle. For example, you can choose to let your lips ride the 90s train while the rest of your face stays mild. Yes, it’s about keeping a balance as you don’t want to risk appearing like you’re just stepping out from 1991.

Check Out Theses 90s Inspired Glam Look That Are Totally Right In 2021

Bold Eyeshadow

If there’s one thing the 90s makeup trend is famous for, it is bold eyeshadows. For the most part of that decade, women wore their eyeshadows to make an instant statement, and a statement they did make. From bright blues to heavy glitter, the ‘eyes’ had it. This 2021, go bold with your eyes for an instant 90s glam. While doing so, keep every other aspect of your makeup minimal.

Over Defined Lips

You know how the right lipstick can elevate an entire face-beat, certainly the 90s woman knew this too. Whether it was dark hued lips, or overlined lips or even the saturation of gloss, the lips spoke a great deal about a glam. Equally so today. Channel your inner fierce this 2021 with darker shades of lipsticks and you’ll be totally right.

Spider Lashes

Supermodel Naomi Campbell was famous for this in the 90s, and it’s no surprise why. Spider lashes delicately bring a flirty vibe to your overall look in a coy yet decisive way. Other than that, it also flatters most eyes by making them pop. Whichever length you choose is up to you, but be sure to opt for a pair you’re comfortable in.

Tight Line Eyeliner

It’s certainly okay to draw you’re eyeliner in both your lower and upper lids. This adds depth a sexy vibe to your look. When it comes to rocking the tight line eyeliner, ensure to use darker shade liner as this is sure to give the desired effect. You obviously don’t want to look like an alien trying to invade earth.

Delicate Brows

The eyebrow way of life was super thin in between 1989 to the early 2000s. The thinner the brows were, the better. On the other hand, 2021 has given room for a more diverse range of eyebrows. That is to say that trying a strictly 90s brow game this 2021 isn’t likely to cut it. But there’s a way around that. Rather than thin out your brows, create delicate ones instead. Simply put, you should be filling in subtle strokes over your brows in place of thin, harsh lines. Problem solved.

Featured image: praise_that_photographer | Instagram