9 Great Looks To Steal From Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer might be a 21st century A-lister, but he’s made in the mould of the old school: he’s got the poise and profile of a classic movie star (and the jaw line to match). It’s not an easy status to achieve without looking good in some top notch threads.

Luckily, Armie Hammer’s style is as polished as the characters he plays on screen. The Man From UNCLE and Call Me By Your Name, in particular, are two of the best-dressed films of the last 10 years and Hammer wore the hell out of those costumes. Maybe something rubbed off. Or maybe he’s just good at this stuff.

From confident tailoring to superlative off-duty looks, he has the thing that underpins all good style: he makes it look easy.

The Look

Unlike other big-name movie stars, Armie Hammer doesn’t reach for many risky, headline-grabbing outfits (the odd Adidas tracksuit notwithstanding). He doesn’t need to. You’ll find him in inch-perfect tailoring whenever there are flashbulbs around. Hammer experiments a little with colour but has a knack of making even hard-to-wear shades perfectly coordinated.

And his dress-down game is locked tight: masculine workwear staples and heavy coats are his go-to. Like Ryan Gosling, he can throw on a simple denim shirt and make it look like a masterstroke.

Inspiration: Cary Grant, James Dean, Bruce Springsteen
Go-to brands: Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo, Giorgio Armani
Follow him: @armiehammer

Seeing The Light

Tailoring this light in colour is a bold choice if you’re a white man. But Hammer has two things that make it work: the tan and the tie. The tan means the suit doesn’t wash him out, while the dark colour of the tie gives the outfit some much-needed contrast.

Give it a try for a summer wedding outfit.

Big Coat Energy

If there’s one thing every man should know about a relaxed get-up, it’s this: any plain outfit can be improved with one daring or eye-catching item.

In this case, a simple black shirt and trousers turned into a macho masterpiece by the shearling jacket. The colour combo is a classic and the rugged, practical coat is another Hammer calling card: the man loves a statement collar.

Summer Loving

Smart-casual dress is difficult when it’s blazing hot outside, but this get-up will help you survive the heat in style. The lightweight, light-coloured jacket contrasts with the trousers to dial down the formality, while the pristine polo shirt ensures things don’t get stuffy, in any sense of the word.

Hammer it home with some sunglasses.

Jacket Required

A casual shirt can be a deceptively tricky thing. Too plain, and it can look like part of a uniform. Go too wild with a pattern, and it can be too, well, much.

Hammer finds the right balance here with a loose-fitting, jazzy shirt. The pattern itself is busy but pared back with restrained colours.

And really, it’s the suede jacket that makes the look. The brown picks out a warm accent colour on the shirt, while the luxury fabric gives the whole outfit some polish. He’s flying solo here, but this is a perfect date night look.

Big Jacket, Big Look

While black and white remain go-to colours for the man who prefers to play it safe, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to take a gamble.

Hammer goes for a bigger look than usual but it isn’t the flash of red and blue in the unorthodox lapel stripe that takes this up a level, it’s the style and shape of the jacket. Long and slim, it flatters Hammer’s height (he’s 6 foot four), while the collarless shirt peeking through confirms that this is a cut above your average tailored look.

Male Pattern Boldness

This is Hammer in full off-duty, Sundance Film Festival mode – lots of practical, heavy fabrics but worn with a good eye nonetheless. The black jeans and work boots are jazzed up with the heavily patterned wool jacket, which is clearly the talking point.

On most days of the week, it would be a big look but the reason it works is down to the pared-back colour palette. Proof that black, grey and cream needn’t be dull.

The Man From Hunkle

You don’t get cast as an iconic sixties hero (not Bond, we’re talking Hammer’s KGB agent in The Man From UNCLE here) without a knack for some swinging retro tailoring.

A roll neck with a suit is a bold move for some but Hammer shows how easy it is to wear with this tonal blue look. Suave has always meant simple.

Seriously Smart

When the invitation says black tie, Armie Hammer is rarely a man to turn up in a boring traditional penguin suit.

The black-on-black foundation lets the patterned, textured dinner jacket steal the show and with just a hint of mauve shimmering on the DJ, it’s proof again that you do colour or pattern – very rarely both.

Getting Dark

Fashion is easy to overthink and this outfit proves that you don’t need to waste mental energy on looking good. Hammer takes items that almost every man will have in the closet – bomber jacket, dark jeans, work boots – and puts them together in a simple, tonal outfit.

It’s not going to change the world, but it’s considered, comfortable and all the more eye-catching for the simplicity.