9 Autumn Fragrances That Will Make You Smell As Good As You Look

The step-change in seasons can happen almost overnight. One minute you’re sipping margaritas in nothing but a pair of swim shorts. The next, you’ve switched to the heavier duvet, reclaimed the overcoat from the back of the wardrobe and shelved the barbecue in favour of a roast.

So why are you still spritzing like it’s a hot day in June?

Despite our tech-dominated lifestyles, we still have a few hundred thousand years of evolutionary programming that tell us to bring in the harvest, make good stores of seasonal food and build a fire (or, you know, put the heating on.)

With that point fast approaching, it’s also time to retire lightweight summer scents before they start smelling out of sync and get to know the autumn fragrances that will have you covered all season long.

Gucci Memoire D’une Odeur

It’s a well-known fact that everything sounds better in French: the bus timetable, the Eurovision results and anything that wants to sound a bit fancy. Gucci’s latest scent is another case in point. ‘Memory of an Odour’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Memoire D’une Odeur, does it?

The first unisex scent from the gender-bending Italian fashion house has a campaign featuring Harry Styles and friends recreating a summer of love around a Roman campfire. The ingredients are also suitably hippie-ish: chamomile and jasmine are the main notes, making for an intriguing ‘mineral aromatic’ scent that is sure to be a future classic.

Dior Sauvage Parfum

Never let it be said that the big fragrance houses don’t know how to cash in on a popular scent. Launched in 1966, the original Sauvage was a major investment for Dior and is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance. Now fronted by Johnny Depp, we can expect as many flankers as there were instalments of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

At least with perfumer Francois Demaçhy in charge, the brand is in safe hands, or nose, in this case. The latest parfum version has a fresh opening with bergamot and mandarin, and a creamy, warm woody finish. Add this one to your olfactory loot, ASAP.

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Eau de Parfum

It’s no overstatement to say that Calvin Klein produced some of the most iconic fragrances of all time in the run-up to the millennium. So it’s no surprise the folks at CKHQ are reintroducing 1990’s Eternity for Men to a new generation.

Fronted by a diverse group of men, including actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Rick Gonzalez, freestyle wrestler Jordan Burroughs and footballer Thiago Alcântara, the reworked scent features a new woody facet using majestic cypress. Will it be another massive hit? Only time will tell.

Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Beau

Even at first glance, it doesn’t take a grooming expert to work out that Le Beau won’t be a shy number. Not least because the latest fragrance from Jean-Paul Gaultier is housed the designer’s signature male torso (this time adorned with a gold fig leaf for modesty), but also because the Gaultier name is synonymous with bold scents.

The notes list from Le Beau reads like a dessert from one of those posh, minimal restaurants: bergamot, coconut wood and Tonka bean – that’s it. Just like a palette cleanser, the woody sweetness is counterbalanced by refreshing citrus, and the overall effect is edible without being sickly.

Floris London Vert Fougère

If you know a bit about fragrance, you’ll understand that a fougère (fu-jair, if you’re unsure of the pronunciation) is a classic style of masculine perfumery involving a blend of herbs and spices with staple notes of lavender, oakmoss and coumarin.

For autumn 2019, Britain’s oldest perfumer, Floris, has created its first interpretation of the style for almost two decades. Vert Fougère features English and French lavender at its heart, and a smoky, woody base of cashmere and patchouli. Think of it like a walk through a forest followed by a comfy armchair by the fire. Classy AF.

K By Dolce & Gabbana

It would be easy to find a go-to fragrance and be done with it; the olfactory equivalent of Mark Zuckerberg’s grey T-shirt. But with so many releases, re-releases and re-rereleases each season, where would the fun be in that?

K is the brand new scent by Dolce & Gabbana. The initial stands for King and the cap is a gold and blue crown (just so everybody gets it). In the juice, that translates into a fresh, citrusy-floral mix where notes of juniper, sage and vetiver stand out from a blend that contains geranium, pimento, citrus, woods and herbs. It’s fit for a, well, you know.

Jimmy Choo Urban Hero

Helped a pensioner across the road recently? Lifted a toddler in a buggy up some stairs? Given up your seat for a pregnant lady? Pat yourself on the back – you’re an urban hero, and Jimmy Choo has created just the scent for such city-dwelling champs.

According to the brand, this is a fragrance for a mysterious, confident fella with an underlying hint of mischief, but that’s you too, right? Lemon caviar (not as fishy as it sounds), black pepper, vetiver, grey amber and a leathery accord are behind this heroic new number from the fine shoemakers. You’ve earn it.

Jo Malone Poppy & Barley Cologne

After almost three decades on bathroom shelves, you’d have thought Jo Malone would have run out of pairings to create killer scents. Poppy & Barley delivers an unfailingly romantic vision of the English countryside. Translated, it’s an entirely manure-free version of rolling fields at the end of the summer.

Blackcurrant features in the top, while poppy brings a fresh, green edge and barley offers a musky (and gluten-free) base. Is it slightly on the feminine side? Yes. Should you embrace it? Absolutely.

Acqua Di Parma Signatures Of The Sun Collection: Oud

If you don’t mind skipping rent, a few meals and the odd night out this month, you could spend your money in a lot worse ways than on every fragrance in Acqua Di Parma’s Signatures Of The Sun collection.

The selection of ten scents features six intense perfumes encased in black glass and four lighter floral concoctions. We’re torn between the lot, but for something that’ll do the heavy lifting throughout the colder months, it’s hard to go wrong with oud.