[ 80s retro rnb ] Rayne Muzik // Sudden Touch (O.M.V)

Rayne Muzik’s “Sudden Touch” is akin to having your own personal soundtrack playing to the scenes in your life. It’s personal and it’s emotional. As a singer, songwriter and music producer, Rayne Muzik digs deep down to develop his sound layering it with lyrics and ultimately developing a complex but clean sound. In this instance, he created a slightly retro 80’s R&B sound reminiscent of songs like” Wildflower” by New Birth or Fifth Dimension’s “Up, Up and Away”.

“It’s in the nights that I spend with you…it’s what I want to do my baby…spend al my nights with you…feel the sudden touch…” Rayne makes you feel the song. You understand what he feels. You want what he wants, his music is so seductive. You get caught up in the image he’s painting in your mind. His music is transformative in its seduction. It takes you from your reality to whatever scene he’s creating in your mind’s eye. You can feel it, it becomes so real.

It must be the complex layers of sound in his music. It puts you in the most welcoming trace-like state. That’s the sign of great music, music that can alter your state-of-being. “Sudden Touch” fits that description perfectly. As a transformative song that seduces you into feeling what the artist wants you to feel. It demonstrates the depths of the artist’s talent. With “Sudden Touch” Rayne blends great songwriting with intense singing and produces a winning song. His intense melodies make this song ring true to its title and render the listener static as they are entranced by the beauty of the song.


Music link: https://lnkfi.re/raynemuzik/