8 Must-Have Accessories For Your Car

Do you actually need car accessories? Well, those add-ons are used to bring style to your vehicle, enhance its specs or extend its life. Whatever your reason for buying auto accessories, you should ensure that you get high-end products for your car. Statistics indicate that you will come across over five hundred car accessories in the market. Presented below are eight must-have accessories for your car, apart from the emergency kits.

Owners manual

Slightly boring, but always carry your owners manual as it contains critical information about repairing or heightening the safety of your ride. Suppose you are travelling with your family to some place by car and you experience problems; which steps should you take? You must have some basic knowledge of how to diagnose car issues before you call in the experts. If you have your manual then you can take care of simple issues without having to part with cash for hiring a mechanic. Keep a photocopy in your car so whenever you require one, you always have it with you.

Flat tire sealer

When you drive your vehicle you never think about getting a flat tire and getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. You must prepare in advance and have experience in changing a flat tire. However, you need the right accessory. When you get a minor puncture, you can inject a flat tire sealer into the flat tire to seal it. This is a lot easier than replacing the punctured tire. However, if the puncture is too big, then the sealer will be of no use. Before heading out you must know where your tire sealant and spare tire are located. Make sure that the spare tire is in exceptional condition as it won’t help you if it’s damaged or has lost air. Keep this essential accessory for repairing tires as it will save you from the hassle of switching a tire and offer you enough leverage to get to a garage.

Wireless key finder

Have you ever lost your car keys? They can start playing hide and seek when you least expect. How long did it take to locate them? Due to their small size, automobile keys can be hard to spot. Additionally, they can fit in some weird places that you may never even think of looking. Well, a wireless key finder will help you to locate where your keys are hidden by flashing a light or beeping when you clap or press a button. Consider their battery life, design, volume, app features and range before making your decision. Gone are the heydays when you had to waste your precious time looking for lost car keys in your home.

Audio speakers

Excellent car audio speakers enhance the quality of your music. Modern car audio speakers come with recent technologies like Bluetooth, surround system, and much more. If you don’t understand much about auto audio speakers, purchasing them might be challenging. You will come across numerous varieties of car speakers and Caraudiologic will help you make a sound decision when shopping for them by giving you all the information you need. However, just like other car accessories on this list, car speakers get damaged with time. So, take proper care of them to enjoy high-quality music.

Memory foam neck pillow

If you drive for extended hours on the road, then you will start experiencing neck and shoulder pain the more you drive. The pain is as a result of the forceful turning of the steering wheel and the twisting of the neck and shoulders when driving. Your posture when driving also plays a major role in contributing to the pain. Furthermore, some cars don’t come with ergonomically made seats. Thus, it’s necessary to optimize your driving position with a memory foam neck pillow. The pillow will get rid of the pressure on your neck and align it with your spine so that you don’t strain your neck when driving for long non-stop hours.

Blind spot mirrors

You must be aware of everything around you when you are driving to heighten your safety. Using your eyes to view everything that is ahead is critical, but mirror use is also vital to view what is happening in the rear. Blind spots are areas around your car that you cannot see. One of the best ways to reduce blind spots is by installing blind spot mirrors. These mirrors are placed at the upper corner or side of your side mirror to expand your view and allow you to observe what your side mirror cannot reach.

Car sunshade

Have you ever got into your vehicle during the course of the hot summer months? Have the suns rays turned your car into an oven and dashboard into a frying pan? You can avoid the harmful effects of hot temperature by using a car sunshade. An excellent car shade will help you to stop your hands from burning on your steering wheel by maintaining a lower temperature inside even during scorching summer days. Furthermore, sunshades will protect you from harmful UV rays, preserve your car’s interior from bleaching and halt the damage of other car accessories like LCD screens, CD players and much more.

USB Car Charger

A USB car charger is a device used to recharge the battery of your phone or other devices like tablets or cameras. It is plugged into the car port or cigarette lighter port and provides more than one powered USB outlets. Look for a USB car charger with at least a 2.1 amp rating. Anything less than that will be underpowered and will waste both your time and money as most new devices are not compatible with USB car chargers with less than 2 amp rating. If you are hunting for a USB car charger with four ports, then you should go for one with a 4.4 amp rating.