8 Coffee Facts You Should Know

Coffee is the most popular morning beverage in the world. It is available all over the world in a variety of different forms. Over the years, the popularity of coffee has increased in the Eastern Hemisphere as well. With that, still, it is an unexplored beverage. There are quite a few facts about coffee, which even the most enthusiastic daily drinker does not know. It is time to discover some of the unknown facts about your favourite morning beverage. Here we highlight eight facts about coffee that you probably didn’t know.

Coffee was discovered in Ethiopia

There are some stories about the discovery of coffee. The most credible one is that a goat herder discovered it in Ethiopia. Coffee came into notice when the herder discovered that after eating the coffee beans, the animals did not behave right. They were jittery throughout the day. That is when; coffee beans were carefully studied and used to make the beverage as we know it today.

Coffee beans change colour thrice during the growth stages

Most of us recognise the brown coffee bean. However, during the growth stages, they are not always brown. When they grow initially, they are in the form of berries which have a hard shell. The coffee berries are red. Once you remove the hard shell, the beans inside are green in colour. That is why, when the coffee beans enter the processing stage, they are deep green. During the processing stage, they are dehydrated. These dehydrated green coffee beans can last for a long time. You can store them for up to two years. The coffee beans get their characteristic brown colour during the roasting stage. During this stage, natural sugar and oil go into the coffee beans. The coffee beans get roasted at 250F and the roasting process takes 15 minutes. During this process, they are in their characteristic brown colour. Thus, during their growth stages, they change colour thrice.

A coffee plant lives longer than a human

While the average life expectancy of humans is increasing and is around 81 years currently, the life expectancy of a coffee plant is much higher. During the initial stage of sprouting, the top of the coffee plant looks like a seed. However, as it grows, it spreads more and attains a bushy-appearance. The coffee plant can last for up to 2 centuries. It has a much higher life expectancy than that of a human. They have a harvestable crop within the first four years. However, around the 8-year mark, it reaches its full production stage. That is when; it can supply abundant coffee berries out of which the cultivation of coffee beans takes place. During its lifespan, it can provide the crop of coffee berries multiple times.

Nils Leonard of Halo

Nils Leonard of Halo

Coffee has applications in the cosmetic industry

Coffee offers a wide range of skincare benefits. Due to this very reason, it has applications in various cosmetics these days. Coffee can not only enhance blood circulation, but provide you with smooth skin as well. The best way to utilise the benefits of coffee beans is to try out the coffee scrub. A coffee scrub is not only suitable for the face, but can be used on the body as well. There are numerous such scrubs available these days. You can easily find the best coffee scrub by researching and comparing the different options online. It is imperative to choose the scrub to gain benefits like increased blood flow and even tone. The coffee beans are ground and used in the scrubs to provide various skincare benefits. Hence; the use of coffee beans in cosmetics is increasing day by day.

The majority of the coffee flavour lasts only for 2 minutes

After brewing, the majority of the coffee flavour vanishes after the first 2 minutes. It is almost inconsumable after 15 minutes. That is why it is a bad idea to let your cappuccino cool down once you get your hands on it. It is always better to consume it when it is hot. It will allow you to get the distinct flavour of the coffee rather than the subtle one which keeps reducing with time.

Gentlemen Baristas

Gentlemen Baristas

Coffee has more variants than wine

Most people have heard about only 5 to 10 varieties of coffee. They often prefer the cappuccino or the espresso. However, when you consider the number of flavors available globally, you will realise that there are more than 1500 flavors. Their fragrance distinguishes most of these flavours. When you compare this with other beverages like wine, there are only 200 variants available in wine. Thus, the next time you head over to your favourite coffee shop, do make sure that you try out a new flavour rather than a regular one. Who knows, you might like the unique taste of a certain region more.

Instant coffee has been around for 250 years

Most of us consume instant coffee. The convenience of instant coffee is what attracts the most. Easy access to the burst of energy using instant coffee has made it famous. However, instant coffee has been around for 250 years. Of course, the ways of brewing it has changed over the years, but instant coffee is not a new invention. When you look at the US patent history, the first patent revolving around instant coffee was in the year 1910. The modern form of instant coffee evolved in the 1960s. Our favourite beverage in its present form has been around for quite a long time.

Voila Cofee

Voila Cofee

Coffee grinding is essential to good taste

While most of us at home use instant coffee, the process of coffee grinding is synonymous to excellent taste. It is the main reason why cafes all over the world have coffee grinders. Cafes often spend thousands to get the right kind. That is because coffee once ground can turn stale within 5 to 7 hours. That is why, they often opt for grinders which can grind the coffee evenly and in fine powder. The coffee grinding process is essential to get a good taste of the coffee. So why not buy some coffee beans and grind them at home rather than purchasing instant coffee. You will quickly notice the improvement in taste.



We bet you didn’t know these surprising coffee facts. Your favourite beverage still holds a lot of secrets which you might not know. With the increasing popularity of coffee all over the world, it might take a whole different form in the future. It sure is a mesmerising beverage, which can make any individual a coffee addict.