7 Reasons Why Strawberry Brunette Is the Perfect Shade for Fall

If you want to warm up despite the colder weather, you’re in luck. That’s because strawberry brunette is set to become the shade of the season. If you’re struggling to pick just one shade to rock straight through fall, this bright auburn offshoot is the perfect compromise.

Strawberry brunette gives your locks a pink-red upgrade for a noticeable lift. It’s a great transitional color since it’s pretty low-maintenance. But the warm shade doesn’t have the intensity of burgundy or the rusty edge brought on by auburn. Strawberry brunette supplies a smoky red tint that makes it a better choice for those of us on the fence about going full redhead.

Check out the strawberry brunette inspo courtesy of Instagram.

Rosy Red

This rosy brown shade boasts a flawless balayage and we love how the hairstylist added in some porange on the ends to make the color livelier.

Image: @juuce_haircare

Barely There

If you want to play it safe, ask your stylist for a slight kiss of strawberry over your glossy brown base.

Image: @janedoe.hair

Oh So Shiny

You don’t have to rely on a coppery red shade to boost the shine factor. This glowing strawberry brunette take looks great on wavy manes.

Image: @kenfuqua.hair

Move Over Mahogany

If you’ve always loved mahogany, you’re guaranteed to fall for this glossy strawberry brown color.

Image: @dnnhair

Stay Simple

This straightforward balayage is easy to play with. You can always change up the ends and go for something lighter and brighter come spring.

Image: @hair.by.angeles

Berry Blend

If you want to stick with a lighter reddish brown, just ask your stylist to go really light with the strawberry hue or opt for a subtle balayage.

Image: @mojkahair

Rosy Romance

Strawberry brunette doesn’t always require a strong red base. Try a faded blend with a dark base.

Image: @dearmiju