7 Must-See Acts at EDC Mexico 2020

Since 2014, Insomniac has made a yearly stop in Mexico City for a south of the border edition of the worldwide phenomenon which is Electric Daisy Carnival. For the first time in the festival’s existence, it will be taking place over three days. World renowned artists will be bringing their talents to the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez on February 28th, 29th, and March 1st for 3 incredible days of music.

We can’t wait to be back at EDC Mexico and picked out some of our favorite acts that will be in Mexico for the weekend. If you are traveling for the fest – make sure to enjoy some local Mexican culture as well. With less than one lap around the festival grounds you will be able to get your hands on absolutely incredible food like Mexican street corn, tacos, tamales, and pretty much anything else you can think of.


Elohim is not going to be like your traditional EDC performance. And we absolutely love to see that. If you’ve even dipped your toe into Elohim’s music library you know it’s an extremely raw and emotional sound. . She pulls no punches in her music. Her live renditions carry that same emotion with some new live elements that will keep you dancing the entire set.


A true appreciation for Wuki doesn’t really come until you have a chance to see him live for every ‘Wuki-Leak’ you hear released over soundcloud and played out by literally every other DJ in the game he has 5 more unreleased ones that he keeps in the holster for special (live) occasions. The only way to see what he has in his bag of tricks is to catch his set at EDC Mexico. 

Said The Sky

In a weekend full of ‘raging’ in Mexico City, Said The Sky will be bringing his style of beautiful vibey music to the race track. This life-long musician is much more than a long time Illenium collaborator. He incorporates live elements into his sets made up of mostly original music while keeping the overall vibe of the festival very much in tact. 

Valentino Khan

Someone asked me to describe Valentino Khan to them and I truly only had 3 words to reply with. “He Makes Bangers.” He has an arsenal of absolute heaters like ‘Deep Down Low’ and ‘Pump’ but he doesn’t rest on the laurels of those tunes. He crafts sets that are perfect for starting parties, dancing, vibing, and everything in between. 


Trampa is bringing his aggressive take on UK Bass Music to EDC Mexico – and if you are looking for one dubstep set to leave absolutely mangled then this is the set to go to. One of my good friends made a great analogy to a Trampa set once by comparing it to, “Getting beat up in a UK schoolyard.” And that’s the best description I can give. 

Louis The Child

Louis The Child have brought their performances to another level in the last year. Whether they are playing one of their highly sought after Playground DJ sets or showing off their brand new live set – you are guaranteed for a set full of incredible music. This young Chicago duo brings a playfulness to dance music that was sorely missed for a while.

Big Wild

Big Wild is another set that I think is essential to break up the weekend. With a weekend packed with house music, dubstep, and everything in betweem – Big Wild’s much more organic sound is an extremely welcome addition to the lineup. If you’ve never dug deep into Big Wild’ discography – don’t even worry about it. By the end I’m sure you’ll recognize the words to some songs and wish you would have been able to sing along to the rest. It’s going to be an absolute blast. That, I promise.