7 Multitasking Beauty Products to Help You Get Gorgeous FAST

Chances are you multitask all the time, whether it’s mopping your floor while getting in your weekly phone call with your mother or catching up on YouTube cat videos while completing that report for work. (See also: killing two birds with one stone.) So why are you wasting your time slathering on dozens of hair, makeup and skin care products when you could be using one of these time-saving multitaskers? They work overtime to get you looking pretty so you can get out the door faster.

Here are seven amazing, efficient, multitasking beauty products that will change your life.

IT Cosmetics

Tightline Full Lash Length Black Mascara Primer, $25 at Ulta Beauty

Though this product calls itself a mascara primer, it works just as well on its own. The teeny brush gets the black-as-night pigment all the way to the roots of your lashes and places a black pigment along your lash line, mimicking the effects of eyeliner. It also nourishes lashes with peptides, collagen, jojoba and biotin.


Hydrablur Primer, $49 at Ulta Beauty

Dermalogica fused a skin-perfecting, mattifying primer with skin care ingredients like mushroom extract and Abyssinian seed oil. It preps skin for makeup application by blurring pores and fine lines (acting like an Instagram filter for your face) while also keeping skin hydrated and helping to diminish the look of pores over time.


The Multiple, $39 at NARS

Hailed as the ultimate multitasking beauty product, this handy stick from NARS is the one thing your makeup bag shouldn’t be without. It has a super blendable cream-to-powder formula that’s designed to be used on cheeks, lips, eyes and even body.


One-Step Paddle Dryer, $39.99 at Ulta Beauty

Cut your drying and styling time in half by using this product. The paddle brush design lets you straighten your hair while you dry, resulting in frizz-free, shiny strands. Plus, you only need one hand to maneuver it.


Bright Concealing Elixir, $30 at Revolve

It’s time to give your regular concealer the boot. This medium-to-heavy coverage concealer lasts all day long without creasing and instantly brightens eyes. But the best part: it’s infused with a blend of botanicals, like Brazilian ginseng, white lily and vitamins C and E, that reduces the look of dark circles over time.

Vita Liberata

Self Tanning Mineral Bronzer, $55 at Violet Grey

This bronzer has a secret: it’s also a self-tanner. Use the included kabuki brush to blend the super pigmented powder formula over your face to look instantly bronzed. The healthy glow it imparts will last up to five days.

Sexy Hair

Soya Want It All 22 in 1 Leave-In Treatment, $13.98 at Walmart

This do-it-all product is so much more than a hair detangler. It contains a blend of soy, cocoa and argan oil that nourishes hair and leaves it silky soft without weighing it down. It also zaps flyaways and humidity-induced frizz while protecting hair from heat and the color-fading rays of the sun.