7 Elegant Minimalist Nail Designs Worth Trying This Season

Hailey Bieber and Jennifer Lopez have recently been setting trends in the world of nail fashion with their minimalist and barely-there nail designs. While JLo opts for a subtle nude manicure, Hailey Bieber leans towards the allure of glazed chrome nails, offering a refined yet captivating touch. The influence of these celebrities has propelled the popularity of barely-there nail designs, prompting us to provide you with the latest updates. In this article, we shine a spotlight on seven stylish designs that will undoubtedly inspire you to embrace the natural and understated charm of this nail trend.

But first, let’s delve into what defines barely-there nail designs.

These nails are the epitome of a soft and minimalistic aesthetic, characterized by delicate brushstrokes of light, subtle nudes, and peachy pink tones seamlessly blending with the skin, as described by Glamour Magazine. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these nails advocate for simplicity and emphasize the importance of well-maintained and healthy nails by forgoing unnecessary embellishments.

Numerous barely-there nail designs await your experimentation, ranging from classic French tips to sheer pinks, all contributing to the same understated elegance. This manicure allows your natural nails to take center stage while introducing a hint of color or shimmer, making it a versatile choice suitable for various occasions, day or night.

Let’s explore the seven barely-there nail styles gaining traction this season…

French Manicure

A timeless choice that never goes out of style. Opt for a classic French manicure with a sheer pink or nude base, accentuating the white tips. The tips can be precisely painted for a clean look or applied by hand for a slightly imperfect and natural appearance. Suitable for both short and long nails, the French manicure complements the natural nail near the cuticles, showcasing negative space. This effortlessly chic look is ideal for any time of day.

Glazed Chrome

Hailey Bieber brought attention to glazed chrome nails, featuring a sheer white or baby pink chrome powder buffed onto natural nails. Unlike a traditional chrome powder manicure, this look boasts a subtle metallic finish, reflecting light like a mirror glaze. Its less intense nature and soft transparent finish make it an edgier take on glossy neutral nails, flattering all skin tones.

Transparent Nails

This barely-there design focuses on letting your bare natural nail bed shine by coating it with clear gel or powder. The transparent nail hardener not only enhances the natural look but also strengthens the nails. An occasional sheer coat of ridge filler provides a smoothed-out finish, allowing a break from polish to showcase well-manicured and healthy nails.

Ice Cream Sweets

For those inclined to experiment with a broader range of hues, consider soft serve-inspired shades such as creamy pistachio, peach sorbet, bananas foster, or classic French vanilla. These dessert-like colors maintain a muted and natural vibe, encompassing various beiges, corals, pinks, and browns that harmonize with warmer skin tones. Opt for lighter shades to prevent a harsh contrast with tan or olive complexions.

Sheer Pinks

For a subtle hint of color, explore soft pink hues that gracefully complement the natural nails underneath. Ballet slipper pink, seashell pink, and soft corals, in ultra-sheer coats, create a romantic and feminine look. The jelly-like transparency of these shades ensures a delicate appearance, with one coat often sufficient, though additional layers can be added gradually for more intensity.

Soft Nudes

Experiment with various soft nude shades beyond basic beige. Nudes encompass a range of skin-toned browns, grays, beiges, and taupes. Opt for nudes slightly lighter than your skin tone to avoid looking too brown against your complexion. Sandy shades with a touch of peach or pink add a softening effect, while mushroom grays introduce a modern and edgy twist to the look.

Cashmere Chrome

This season, reimagine cashmere beyond luxurious wool. In barely-there nail designs, cashmere signifies a sheer milky brown shade with hints of gray, resembling the fabric’s color. Elevate the look with a metallic glaze, understated yet infused with hints of purple, silver, or muted brown, imparting a less warm tone than traditional chrome. A light buffing on the nails creates an ethereal, misty effect, and additional powder layers can intensify the opaqueness for a cashmere sheen.

Featured image: @jenny.jennys/Instagram