6 Gender-Neutral Fragrances That Smell Great on Everyone

Although scents are usually marketed toward women or men, a lot of us fragrance junkies love wearing perfumes designed for the opposite sex. Instead of limiting their customer base, many brands are now rolling out gender-neutral fragrances.

Rather than labeling a specific scent as masculine or feminine, these gender-neutral perfumes focus on finding that perfect blend. From woodsy to subtly fruity, these unisex scents are complex and smell good on literally everyone. Plus, they’re perfect for everyday wear.

Here are our favorite gender-neutral fragrances to spice things up for fall.

Gucci’s genderless earthy scent is defined by its strong notes of Roman chamomile tempered by Indian coral jasmine petals. There are also hints of musk and woodsy notes for a truly well-rounded fragrance.

This American West-inspired perfume is indulgent and complex thanks to its mix of cardamom, iris, violet and ambrox. Throw in Australian sandalwood, papyrus and cedarwood and you’ve got one unique unisex scent.

Boasting a base of tonka and vanilla creme, this unisex scent also features warm notes of cannabis and myrrh for a well-balanced aroma.

A universally appealing clean fragrance with citrusy green tea top notes enhanced by paradisone along with ambrox and hivernal.

This unusual concrete-inspired scent features rich sandalwood with notes of artificial rose oxide to keep it from smelling too woodsy.

This eco-conscious and sustainably-sourced scent is ideal for anyone looking to go green. With key notes of bergamot, white flower and vetiver, it’s the perfect fresh fragrance for fall.