50s Fashion Trends For That Retro Feel To Your 2021 Outfits

Retro is the new new. Before now, billowy skirts and extra cinched waists may have been relegated to costume parties, but not anymore. These 50s fashion trends offer an escape into time. It’s certainly an unpredictable way to experience a different life and era through clothing. Talk about an instant time machine. The 50s woman was very conscious of her body and whatever threatened to de-emphasized her silhouette would definitely be trashed. It must have been the effect of wearing a lot of masculine clothes during the world war, because this period was pretty stuck on exaggerated displays of femininity. Think cinched waists, pencil skirts, poodle skirts, cropped sweaters and cardigans, surely, the 50s fashion was about taking pride in curves. This meant that if you naturally didn’t have an hourglass body to emphasize, then girdles was the way forward. Like they say, no pain, no gain.

Check Out These 50s Fashion Trends For That Retro Feel To Your 2021 Outfits.

Midi skirts Are Still Sexy

Midi skirts are totally stylish if worn right. This 50s fashion stays evolving and are extra trendy even in 2021. Currently, the accordion pleat midi skirts are having an unstoppable moment in the spotlight, that is to say you can do no wrong in them. Rock these skirts with a fitted top and court shoes for that put together look.

Print Scarves Are Still Right

Whether you’re doubling your scarf as a headband or it’s stylishly tied around your neck, this girly fashion item is IT! Which ever way you choose to rock them–in vibrant or subtle prints– your personality will surely come through in them. It is absolutely an accessory that would automatically add glam to any outfit.

Cardigans Are Rave-Worthy

Of course, you shouldn’t limit a stylish cardigan to only cold weathers, but it’s equally not such a good idea to ‘cook‘ in them during the hotter seasons. The rule of thumb is to rock light fabric cardigans in cropped variation when it’s hot. In the 50s, tight cardigans were worn with a bullet bra to emphasize well rounded boobs (can you believe it?). Throw them on with your favorite midi skirt and a belt to accentuate your waistline.

Polka Dots Are Still Edgy 50s fashion

Polka dots have made it past 50s fashion and have continued to show up decade after decade and we’re not even tired yet. From the high fashion runway, to the effervescent streets, everywhere is splattered in this print and we absolutely love it.

Bright Colors Are Still Winning

It seems like the brighter the outfits, the more fun they are. This 50s fashion staple was more of a match-matchy situation ladies couldn’t resist delving into. There were rules like matching your handbag with your shoe, and sometimes, even lipstick. Albeit, this is still trendy today, so go ahead and shine ever so brightly.

Featured Image: stylerave