50 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Ladies In Your Life

We might be going out on a limb by saying this, but it’s not as hard to come up with gift ideas for women as you might think (or as the frantic Google search that led you here might suggest). If you’re a man who likes living on the edge, you could blindly ransack the nearest department store with less than 48 hours to go until the big day and get it all done with enough time left for a festive pint. But finding presents they’ll actually like and not just stuff at the back of the wardrobe? Well, that’s a different beast entirely. Fortunately, we’ve done most of the legwork this holiday season and rounded up 50 of the best Christmas gifts for you to give to the ladies in your life, whatever their taste, and however deep your pockets. You’re welcome, and happy shopping.

A Leather Purse

Though we should all aim to avoid making sweeping generalisations based on gender, there are some that hold water, like the fact that women love handbags and purses. So it’s a good thing that this season retailers up and down the high street have sourced plenty of fail-safe options, like this colourful real leather example.

A Notebook

Don’t let the digital era sully her stationery game. With a stylish notebook, anyone can go old-school with the life planning and correspondence but remain firmly in this century by opting for a colour pop design. Plus, it’s a lot fancier than another iPhone notification.

A Makeup Gift Set

Unless you live in some tropical clime, there’s a fair chance the ladies in your life will have lost their summer glow by the time the big day rolls around. Happily, this set of essentials will make her feel like she’s been wintering in the Costa Del Sol, not Coventry.

A Chocolate Gift Box

A chocolate selection box is never a bad gift (providing the recipient is under the age of eight). For something a little more grown-up, consider this assortment of stylish sugary goods. For your sake, we hope she’s a sharer.

A Satchel Bag

If there’s one thing the high street does well, it’s whipping up brilliant bags with a luxe look that belie their price tag. Take this one, which will go with pretty much everything already in her wardrobe, making it look like you’ve been paying attention all along.

An Everyday Scarf

For a simple rectangle-shaped piece of fabric, a well-picked scarf can do more than just keep its wearer warm. Pick the right style (psst, look below) and you can also help her add visual interest to just about any outfit. Props to you, naturally.

A Roll-Neck Jumper

Sure, every girl likes to get glammed up on Christmas Day, but the day after is all about being comfy AF. This ultra-cosy jumper is the ultimate option, and there are bonus points for it making the wearer look incredible too.

Statement Earrings

Here’s some inside knowledge: big earrings that resemble something your nan might wear have been having a bit of a moment in womenswear. No, seriously. This pair will make her the fashion alpha in the room over the festive season. You’re welcome.

A Camisole Top

‘How to buy clothes for women’ is (probably) the most searched for thing on Google. Well, out of the PG ones, anyway. All you need to know is that you can rarely go wrong with jeans and a nice top. Here’s one half of the puzzle sorted, you’ve got it from here.

A Book

Trust us, on at least one occasion your other half will have considered: “If I died halfway through reading this book, will I look cool?” The answer with this novel, the follow up to the amazing and hugely popular Handmaiden’s Tale.

A Skincare Gift Set

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of cosmetics brand Evolve, the important thing is that every female within a 50-mile radius certainly will have. And quite frankly, we can’t think of a more generous gift than goddess-like skin.

A Travel Guide

“Don’t listen to what they say. Go see.” Whether or not this Chinese proverb refers to moany Mary on Trip Advisor, there’s merit in going offline to plan a getaway. Use this book as an excellent way to hint at heading on a city break. But be warned, it will induce an incurable case of wanderlust.

A Pair Of Gloves

There’s nothing fashionable about frostbite, making gloves an easy Christmas gift idea year after year. Slightly more stylish than frozen digits are these handsome hand warmers, which are designed with a combination of smooth suede and shiny leather.

A Basic T-Shirt

Buying clothes for the opposite sex can be nothing short of a minefield. What’s a jegging? Why are the buttons back to front? And so on. It’s a pretty steep learning curve for the average guy, but with this simple, stylish T-shirt, it’s impossible to go far wrong.

A Pair Of Heel Boots

If ever there’s a time for bold as brass boots, it’s the festive season. Impress with your newly acquired knowledge by sliding these examples under the tree. Just make sure that you don’t let Father Christmas take all the credit.

A Boozy Gift Set

At some point during the festive season, we all have to spend time with family members we rather wouldn’t. So nothing says “I love you, good luck” like packing her off with some booze to make it through the experience as quickly (and intoxicated) as possible.

An Eye Mask

We need to let you in on a secret, fellas: lingerie isn’t just about the stuff you want to see her in. It also covers bedroom accessories that come in useful for getting forty winks, like a silky mask that’s guaranteed to deliver eight hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep.

A Cashmere Scarf

Safer than clothing, but more exciting than a gift card, it’s hard to go wrong with a scarf. Skip garish colours and patterns and instead play it safe (and plush) with luxurious cashmere. A guaranteed winner.

A Cushion

If you haven’t learnt by now, it’s paying attention to the little details which earns you big brownie points. If the lady you’re buying for is the kind to stockpile interiors mags, there’s a strong case for this ace vintage-style cushion.

A Leather Coin Holder

If you were in a meeting, brainstorming a list of things that women like, chances are purses are probably both going to crop up pretty early on. With that in mind, secure yourself a one-way ticket to gratitude city with this simple but elegant leather version.

A Makeup Set

Ask any woman in the room you’re currently in (we’ll wait) and they’ll tell you that makeup always runs out all at once. So why not be a hero and buy it like that? “A beauty set containing a good few months worth, how did you know?”

An Afternoon Tea Gift Box

Afternoon tea is great and all, but there’s nothing that can’t be made better by a bit of booze. Selfridges’ dedicated gift box comes packing a selection of cheeses, biscuits and (most importantly) wine. Best of all, she won’t even have to leave the comfort of the house to enjoy it.

A Day-To-Night Top

With so many social commitments to battle through, day-to-night dressing becomes a real possibility during December. Give her the right armour to make it through them all in the form of a top that can slot neatly under a jacket during the day before riding solo.

An Iconic Fragrance

Chanel No. 5 has been a men’s gifting go-to for decades, but now there’s a new bottle in town. The French label’s first new fragrance in 15 years, the equally floral and angelic Gabrielle is being tipped to take the crown, so get it while you can.

A Chain Bracelet

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but a simple stripped-back bracelet is a lifelong companion. Better yet, not only will you have snapped up something she’ll wear on the regular, you won’t need an oligarch’s pay packet to slip some bling into her stocking.

Makeup Miniatures

Miniatures aren’t just boozy things you find in the fridges of hotel rooms. Trust us, buy her a small set of best-selling beauty products to try out in the time between Christmas morning and the big meal and she’ll be drunk in love.

Luxury Lingerie

Underwear doesn’t have to be an afterthought, especially at Christmas. In fact, use the occasion to splash out and we guarantee it’ll be all that’s on your mind. Just don’t ask her to open it in front of her parents.

A Cleansing Brush

With its supersonic powers, a facial cleaning brush will help to dislodge all the festive glitter, Christmas cake and robin red lipstick that’s on her face. It’s pretty good at tackling dirt, pollution and impurities the rest of the year, too.

A Blouse

Need to top that stellar Oxford shirt she got you last Christmas? You’ll be hard-pressed to find something that beats this animal print number. Yes, it’s a statement, but it’s also surprisingly versatile. Your move, Mrs.

An Everyday Jacket

Knowing which coat to wear for Boxing Day drinks is tricky. On the one hand, she might only see those people from school once a year so will want to look nice. On the other, it’s going to be bloody freezing so she’ll want to wrap up warm. Help a sister out by getting a puffer jacket; it’s the sartorial equivalent of killing two birds.

Hoop Earrings

Most women have a preference when it comes to the colour of metal they wear. If your particular recipient’s is silver, there’s not a snowman’s chance in hell she won’t like these sparkling beauties from Pandora.


They might not be flashy or rare, but a strong pair of denims are just about the best gift you can get anyone – the versatile of all style items and one that never (and we mean never) goes out of fashion. And if you’re buying jeans, do it right with a pair of Levi’s.

A Pyjama Set

Socks, pants and PJs may be the mainstays of Christmas, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Just take these perfect pyjamas as an example. Sleepwear done right.

An Everyday Bag

Most men don’t understand the difference between a bag, a handbag and a going out bag (and we’re not 100 per cent convinced there is one). Strike the middle ground of all three with a style that’s sizeable enough for daytime, stylish enough for an evening and yet simple enough to pair with most things in her wardrobe. Lesson learnt.

A Pair Of Sneakers

Seeing as it’s the season of goodwill and all, why not introduce the ladies in your life to the coolest sneaker brand already in your wardrobe? French firm Veja makes excellent kicks for women, too, like these Velcro-fastened kicks, which sit on top of a chunky rubber sole.

A Coffee Table Book

An essential read for any fashion-obsessed member of your female flock, Grace: American Vogue Years charts the last 15 years of creative director Grace Coddington’s 28-year tenure at the magazine. The glossy book celebrates some of her best work with legendary photographers like Annie Leibovitz, Craig McDean and Mario Testino.

A Going Out Bag

Fellas, you only need to look inside your own wardrobe to see that ’tis the season to be textured: shearling, fleece, corduroy, it’s all there. Show off your sartorial smarts by gifting her this oh-so-touchable velvet bag.

A Ring

Though it may seem like a daunting prospect, there are really only a few things to nail when buying her a ring. First, get the size right. And second, clock whether she wears silver or gold. Oh, and for the love of god, don’t accidentally give it to her on bended knee.

A Christmas Hamper

Luxury hamper-makers Cartwright & Butler have put together something a bit different from the festive season – a collection of top quality snacking goodies for you to graze on between your big Crimbo meals. Biscuits, wafers, jams, marmalades, fudges, and even tea. This would keep even the grumpiest of family members happy if the electricity goes out.

A Bracelet Strap Watch

If you’re a man who owns a watch, you’ll know it’s more than just a time teller, it’s an extension of your personal style. So take your cues from her wardrobe and buy her a timepiece that is every bit as pretty to look at as she is.

A Compact Camera

Got a snap-happy sister or a camera-obsessed cousin? Get them the kit to become an Instagram sensation, namely a point-and-shooter with an LCD, built-in Wi-Fi and automatic focusing. Double taps for days.

A Bucket Bag

Founded in 2012, New York accessories brand Mansur Gavriel fast became a favourite of fashion insiders. Of course, you knew that, that’s why you picked out this vegetable-tanned light brown leather bucket bag. Right? Right.

A Winter Coat

Don’t be fooled by it being the end of the year, it’s about to get real cold. Unless you want yours being stolen on the walk home from the pub, get your girls their own chill-proof winter coat.

A Lip Kit

When it comes to buying slap, rather than balls it up choosing yourself, you want an expert name you can put your trust in. Mac is that name, which means after you’ve parted with the cash, all that’s left to do is simply sit back and take all the credit.

A Facial Toning Device

Sending a loved one to the spa is nice and all, but it’ll set you back a fair whack. For the same price, you could buy this dinky device, which uses microcurrent technology to provide a five-minute facial at home, making it the gift that keeps on giving.

A Niche Fragrance

We can’t think of a single woman who would turn her nose up at a new scent to wear while wolfing down mince pies. Just make sure it’s right for the season, that means shaping citrus notes for fragrances described as aromatic and sensual.

A Hair Dryer

Unless your other half is Amber Rose, there’s a fair chance she obsesses over her hair. Pick up Dyson’s ground-breaking hair dryer, which uses air multiplier technology to speed up the process, and there’s a (slight) chance she’ll be ready faster. A gift for you, too.

An At-Home Facial

Days (if not weeks) of over-indulgence can take their toll on the face. Give the gift of recovery with a batch of smart skincare saviours designed to reverse the damage. You’ll likely save a pretty penny buying them together, too.

A Little Black Dress

Heading into a woman’s clothes shop and picking out a nice dress for the lady in your life can be scary. Like, really scary. We get that. And that’s why we did the legwork and found the best one (a safe and stylish little black number) so that you don’t have to. Your secret is safe here.

A Smart Mirror

It takes a man with the patience of Saint Nick to share a bathroom. So do what a Wise Man would and reclaim your space by buying any would-be hogger a full sized (but portable) mirror, ideally one with smart features like a lighting system that simulates natural sunlight.