5 Years Ago Flume Debuted His Iconic “Tennis Court” Remix At Coachella

There are those remixes that exist simply as remixes. Then, there are the remixes that totally redefine a song for a new audience, bringing a fresh perspective to the listener. Anyone who watched Flume throw down at Coachella 2014 experienced that second kind of remix firsthand. It was the debut of one of his finest remixes to date. Arguably, one of the best remixes of any song ever.

Of course, we’re talking about Lorde‘s “Tennis Court” (Flume Remix). The producer sent shockwaves through the entire crowd when he dropped his remix of the massive hit song for the first time. And, by the time the drop hit on the “Oh” — the crowd was drowning out the track with “Ohs” of its own. Relive the electrifying moment below. The footage isn’t the best visually, but you can hear the “Tennis Court” remix play out loud and clear — that’s what counts.

Lorde – Tennis Court (Flume Remix) Coachella 2014

Photo: Bianca Holderness