5 ways to Spruce up Your Garden Space for Summer

With lockdown ensuring that many of us will spend our summer at home rather than in our favourite getaway locations, it’s only natural that we look at our gardens with slight disappointment. The flowers that never bloomed. The furniture that hasn’t changed since moving in. The discoloured, and somewhat unstable, fence that acts as a border. Simply put, it can all seem a bit drab.

However, whilst our little plots of grass may never compare to the beautiful beach scenes of the Amalfi Coast or the private poolside spots in Spain, there is still so much we can do to give our gardens a much-needed spruce and have a summer to remember!

Are the Accessories Right?

You may look at your garden furniture and wonder what compelled you to buy it all that time ago, but don’t be too hasty. By adding some carefully selected accessories, you can give your furniture a new lease of life and ensure that it lasts for years to come!

That bench that no one seems to use? Add in some cushions – mismatched or uniform – as they’ll transfer that homely feel right into your garden space. The table that sits under the tree at the back? Add some light into the scene by investing in solar lights, candles or even a solitary lantern. The barbeque that looks a little out of place? Get creative and surround it with colourful plants – of course, remember to move them later!

Let There Be Light

Summer comes with the promise of warm air, smell of SPF and, of course, sun. Well, most of the time. However, as we’ve all come to appreciate, summer in the UK can be unpredictable in the weather, to say the least!

That’s exactly why adding some extra light and warmth to your garden space could be a major benefit. If you’re looking for a homely but chic vibe, then check out lanterns that could line your garden’s border or highlight a pathway. If you want to take an eco-friendly stance, then check out the huge range of solar lights now available! If you want your garden to feel like a secret festival then perhaps some fairy lights weaved through the branches of a tree could be the perfect solution.

Say Hello to Second Hand!

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to traipse around your local charity shops to find the perfect garden accessories but instead look to what you already have!

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have tins, bottles and containers waiting to be recycled and these can substitute normal plant pots within your garden. The old wheelbarrow you never use. Why not breathe new life into it by creating an allocated, and portable, herb garden? The furniture that seems that little bit too tired. Sand it down, incorporate some patterns, give it a fresh coat of paint!

By reworking materials that you already have, you’re sure to save your money and also put a personal touch on your outside space.

Make a Statement With Your Flooring

If you’ve ever watched a home DIY show or seen the before and after pictures of a friend’s garden, then you’ll understand the importance of flooring. Whilst old patio stones or metal flooring can appear dull and unloved, a fresh flooring that compliments your colour scheme, will add new textures and layers to your outdoor space and revamp the look of your garden.

If you’re looking for an easy, and low-cost, way of doing just this, then explore the world of artificial turn – yes, it’s out there. This option will give your garden that pop of colour it’s been searching for, but it is also low-maintenance and ensures that you won’t have to break your back each summer to keep it fresh.

Alternatively, you could invest in composite decking tiles. These tiles will allow you to assemble a lovely decking area without any fuss, professional assistance or long-term maintenance and are ready immediately after clipping together. So if you’re looking to create that perfect outdoor seating or barbeque area then this could be the ideal option!

Mirror, Mirror on the… Fence?

No, really. You’ll just have to stick with us on this one.

If you’re searching for a way to spruce up a smaller garden space and create a larger illusion, then adding mirrors to any walls or fences can be a great option. Not only do they offer a stylish

accessory but they’ll additionally catch the light beautifully and lighten up those shadowed areas.

So whether you’ve got some old mirrors lying around in the loft or need to plan a second-hand shopping experience, give this tip a try and see how it can transform your garden into a new, quirky wonderland.

Whilst our dreams of escaping the every day might seem hopeless and far out of sight, they really needn’t be. These tips will provide you with everything you need to give your garden that extra bit of love and care – so you’ll wonder why you ever considered going away in the first place!