5 Unexpected Uses for Car Wax

Car wax has always been known for its efficiency in filling scratches, protecting the paint and leaving a sparkling appeal on metals. But is that really all it can do? Of course not! If you didn’t know, this incredible paste is also awesome for various tasks in your life. So before you even think of disposing any old tins you’ve been keeping for years, why not start exploring with some of these wax hacks? Here’s a list of some of the top 5 unexpected uses of car wax that will save you some money and your sanity. Let’s get started:

Ban fingerprints

If you cannot resist the urge and the incredible feeling of using stainless steel appliances in your home and the kitchen to be precise, then you must be very much aware of the annoying fingerprints that come right after massive use. Frequently used appliances such as fridge, microwave and stove is the common victims of this. And it is not a pleasing sight, especially when you are trying to keep everything in order and sparkling from the word go. So if this sounds like your kitchen right now, then forget about buying that extra surface cleaner for the cleaning purpose and instead reach out for that remaining car wax jar you have been storing for a while. All you need to do is apply a light layer on the affected equipment and then gently wipe it off. This will instantly make them fingerprint resistant. So you won’t have to worry anymore.

Stop Snow from Sticking

We all know how difficult it can get to clear snow during winter. Yes, while the white pile might be a tantalising view to the eyes, it well isn’t for your shovel. So if you have been experiencing difficulties clearing your house path and driveway after a nasty snow storm, we’ve got a solution for you. Just put on your gloves and quickly apply two light coats of wax to your shovel. This way, the snow won’t stick to it, thus making your work pretty easy. With this convenient product at hand, you can even let the kids help. What a fun way to enjoy some family time, right?

Protect Your Patio Furniture

Outdoor spaces at home can be incredibly welcoming if you take time to work on the landscape and gardening. With all this beauty in place, it’s hard to resist having a comfortable spot where you can feel fresh air while enjoying the view. One of the ways to achieve that is by having some patio furniture in place. But with the constant changes in the weather, maintaining their newness isn’t a walk in the park. That’s where a car wax comes in handy. Gently smear it on the plastic or metal chairs and tables, then use a cotton towel to wipe it off. That way, they will all be protected from harm while maintaining their original shine for the long term. But to achieve the best results, you should always invest in a high-quality car wax. There are various options over at ShedHeads so you get to choose according to your needs. From liquid, solid to spray options, it all depends on your budget.

Cure Ssticky Windows and Doors

Most individuals would confess to having dealt with the frustrations of sticky windows and doors in various areas of their houses. Actually, this is a common problem and it doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of your windows and doors. Maybe you can blame it on the constantly changing weather patterns. But whatever the cause is, the good news is that you can now solve the issue with your car wax. You simply need to rub a small coat to the sliding tracks to enjoy a smooth opening and closing. This applies to closures in all the places you can think of. From the wardrobe doors, your bedroom drawers to the bathroom window, there is no limitation of how, when and where you should use it. It’s all about convenience, take advantage of it!

Keep the Shine of Leather Products

If you have a love for leather products and have a great collection consisting of shoes, belts, wallets, bags and jackets, then you’ll love this hack. Maintaining leather products can be quite frustrating, especially if you have no idea which products work best. You just have to apply a thin layer of car wax to your leather and then wipe it clean with a cotton hand towel. The end result will not only be fantastic, but it will also make them much easier to wipe clean. Be ready to receive more compliments about the unique shine. It’s your time to slay!

From the above list of the unexpected uses of car wax, it’s quite clear that you can multi-use this auto product to make your life easy. The next time you find difficulties closing that window, shoveling snow or clearing those stubborn fingerprints from your stainless steel appliances, reach out for that remaining wax tin before trying anything else.