5 Tips for Buying a Used Rolex Watch

Picture this, someone you care about is having a big birthday soon. You’ve got your heart set on purchasing that loved one a beautiful Rolex timepice. Now the task focuses on deciding what sort of Rolex would be best. To better fit your budget we’re going to focus on the pre-owned market. Remember that since this gift is not for you, the choice of used Rolex has to focus on the recipient’s tastes, lifestyle, and personal preferences. Here are five tips that will help with the buying process.

Think About Features They’ll Enjoy

You can draw inspiration for features by taking a look at the way your loved one lives. For example, is traveling something they like to do frequently? That likely means passing through multiple time zones. In that case, something like a used Rolex Sky Dweller with it’s secondary time zone display would be a nice touch. Remember there are Rolex designs that are great for people who enjoy deep sea diving as well as other types of water sporting activities. Still, others have features that are ideal for people who walk as part of their daily exercise regimen. Think about what your loved ones hobbies and there’s likely a Rolex with features to match them.

What Types of Jewellery Metals Do They Already Wear?

Take a look at the types of metals that your partner usually wears within their jewellery collection e.g. are their rings gold or silver? How about the chain that they sometimes wear around the neck? Your goal is to focus on used Rolex watches that sport a similar finish. It’s fine if most of your friend’s jewellery is white gold or stainless steel, and you want to get something with a primarily silver finish and touches of gold. Just make sure the overall look is unified enough.

Do They Prefer Something Simple?

Consider the types of attire and jewellery that your loved one wears most of the time. Do they lean more toward a conservative or traditional look? If that’s the case, opting for a pre-owned Rolex Milgauss with a simple black or white face is a good idea. Should they prefer bright colours or accessories that make a bolder statement, there are many Rolex designs that come with brighter hues.

A Watch For Every Day or Special Events Only?

Perhaps your loved one is the type who likes to have things for everyday use and other things to wear for special occasions. Assuming they already wear watches for work or while out for an evening with friends, consider investing in a Rolex that is ideal for the occasional event that requires a little dressing up. That added touch will ensure the tuxedo, dinner jacket, or suit of tails looks all the more elegant.

Something That’s Within Your Budget

While you want to invest in a used Rolex that your loved one will enjoy for a long time, there’s also the matter of paying for it. The good news is there’s a fairly broad range when it comes to the pricing for pre-owned models. There are a number of options for under £10k that might work well for you. Remember that you can also find some collector watches that will set you back well over £100k. However, its worth knowing that many designs under £10k are excellent choices and will last for decades. Now that you have some ideas of how to find the right used Rolex, simply start the search and take your time. You may come across the perfect choice a lot sooner than you thought possible.