5 things to do in NYC When Things Finally Open Back Up

In the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, New York was one of the worst-hit spots in the US. But the city has done a great job combating the outbreak, and reopening is finally looking like a probability in the near future, rather than a distant dream. After months of lockdown, and reopening just around the corner in the Five Boroughs, what can we expect things to look like in the new normal, and what are going to be the best (and safest) things to do when things do finally open back up?

These are the 5 things to do in NYC…

Visit outdoor attractions


Credit: Instagram | @centralparknyc

Outdoor attractions are due to be the first things to open up properly and are likely to be the safest options as well. Luckily New York has some brilliant outdoor activities to choose from.

Central Park is a wonderful place to explore, with a range of activities to choose from. You can rent a boat, or take a gondola ride on the lake, bike around the beautiful paths, or go on a romantic carriage ride beneath leafy trees.The High Line has reopened with a limited capacity, requiring booking your visit online in advance. This gorgeous, innovative raised garden built on an old train line is one of New York’s loveliest spots and a great way to get an alternative view of the city.New York’s zoos and botanical gardens are also a great way to find outdoor entertainment in the heart of the city. The Empire State Building and Top of the Rock are both open with limited capacity, and there are loads of charming green spaces to explore like Madison Square Park, Prospect Park, and Washington Square Park.

Try some new outdoor activitiesthings-to-do-nyc-new-york-city


Kaaterskill Falls – Credit: Instagram | @carrinoanthony

Entry fees to New York’s State Parks have been waived, so now is the perfect time to explore the fabulous natural environment that surrounds New York City. Bear Mountain State Park is just a stone’s throw from Manhattan and offers amazing hiking, riding, and cycling trails. Head up the Hudson Valley for some excellent camping or fishing, or head east and enjoy the beautiful scenery and award-winning vineyards of Long Island.

Head to a museum

Credit: Instagram | @bronxmuseum

New York’s museums have already started to reopen, which is fantastic news for a city that prides itself on its cultural significance. There is a vast array of amazing new shows and exhibitions to see, as well as the permanent collections available again after so long. The Met and MOMA are back, along with the Morgan Library & Museum and the Bronx Museum of the Arts, and plenty more are reopening every week. Capacity is limited, and online booking in advance is required for many of them, but New York’s cultural scene is slowly getting back to business as usual.

Visit the beachthings-to-do-nyc-new-york-city


Fort Tilden Beach | Credit: imark22 / Shutterstock

One of the best things about New York City in the summer is how close it is to some truly fantastic beaches, and a day by the ocean is something that is absolutely possible as the city reopens. Spend the day exploring the retro good times at Coney Island, or head to Brighton Beach to avoid the crowds. A little further afield, Fort Tilden Beach in Queens is remote, pristine perfection.

Travel abroad

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After months cooped up inside or stuck in the city during the heat of the summer, heading off on a transatlantic cruise from NYC, or jetting off to a tropical paradise is going to be top of many New Yorkers’ to-do lists. While traveling abroad might be one of the later aspects of reopening to manifest itself, it will undoubtedly be one of the most welcomed!

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