5 Stock Trading Apps To Begin Trading

The volatile stock market has always been one for the average risk taker but thanks to technology, stock trading apps are now available to investment rookies. Even well versed stock traders are well aware of the expertise that stock trading apps bring, hence the importance of knowledge and tools. Once you’re equipped with the right knowledge and tools, mobile stock trading apps will serve you better. Consequently, you can increase your profits on the go. In these tech-times, you can do practically everything on your mobile phone including investing. Zero long queues and cumbersome appointment procedures with a broker. What a time to be an investor! Check out 5 stock trading apps to begin trading.



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E*TRADE is one of the most feature-rich stock trading apps out there with both easy-to-use mobile and options trading. The platform also boasts future trading with comprehensive research and tools for investors’ success. 

TD Ameritrade 

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TD Ameritrade offers something for everyone and there’s nothing more acceptable than this. If you’re a casual stock trader or a beginner, then key into the basic option. No minimum deposit required and zero fees to trade stock. With extensive research resources and excellent account management features, this is your best bet. You could upgrade to the advanced app as time goes. 



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In search of stock trading apps with an account minimum of $500? This is it right here. Wealthfront offers the best robo-financial advice, goal-setting, planning, banking, and investing delivered in an elegant, user-friendly platform and mobile app. It’s all encompassing services help you make bigger long term plans. If you have multiple goals, it shows you the trade-offs you’ll face. This app is well worth it even without human interaction. 

Fidelity Investments

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We all think about our financial future every now and then. Stop thinking and start downloading the Fidelity app. It’s long term and retirement investment options are its cutting edge. Fidelity offers full service with tradable assets like Stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, fractional share investing, and more. Investment and trading features meet the needs of most traders and this is a plus. 


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If you’re in search of no-commissions stock trading apps, this is just it. Webull is a more recent investment platform that’s designed for active traders with a community section on the app allowing for interactive activities with other investors. If you’re looking for a no fees app where you can gather information pertaining to active investment strategies, here it is. 

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