Wed. Mar 20th, 2019

5 Skin-Saving Products for the Sleep-Deprived

It’s only been a few days since the time change, but is anyone else still feeling like their circadian rhythms are all messed up? The clocks may have only moved forward an hour, but to many of us that precious extra hour of sleep does a lot of heavy lifting, and the effects of losing it can range from drowsiness during the day to trouble getting to sleep at night. It’s almost like a mild case of jet lag, but without the fun of a trip.

If this sounds like you, you’re more than likely wearing those signs of slumber-deprivation on your face, too. In fact, a study out of the Karolinska Institute, a medical university in Sweden, found that the faces of sleep deprived individuals were perceived to have dark circles, red and swollen eyes, a dull complexion, and more pronounced wrinkles and fine lines. In short, your skin probably feels like you do—ready for a giant nap. To recalibrate your sleep, try heading to bed 15-20 minutes earlier than usual to catch up on rest. In the meantime, these skincare products can help you camouflage your exhaustion.

What does banana have to do with your morning routine, aside from being part of a complete breakfast? Well, according to Danish skincare icon Ole Henriksen, who swears by banana powder for its pore-blurring properties, it’s also part of a complete skincare routine. This brand new vitamin C-enriched formula—which launched at Sephora this month—provides the perfect canvas for whatever you plan to layer over top, be it moisturizer, face oil or a whole lot of concealer.

This popular new line has everyone buzzing after it sold out in three weeks when it launched in the UK last September. Now available in Canada, it falls into the category that Deciem founder Brandon Truaxe pioneered: skincare that leads with ingredient transparency at an affordable price point. This caffeine-infused and anti-inflammatory serum promises to instantly perk up tired eyes.

If you’re running short on sleep, a hit of hydration and a little highlighter can do wonders. Tatcha’s newest face cream acts like both. It features a blend of moisture-retaining Okinawa algae and hyaluronic acid for a one-two punch of refreshment. And antioxidant-rich Japanese purple rice extract helps impart a well-rested glow. Created by the brand in honour of Mario Dedivanovic (of Kardashian fame), your skin will drink it up first thing in the a.m.

This brand has created a whole line around waking skin up in the morning, complete with a powerful mix of natural anti-skin-fatigue actives. If acne is the thorn in your side—or if you’re just after some powerful exfoliation—these pads should do the trick, packed with naturally-occurring alpha hydroxy acid and Azelaic acid to clear out dead skin cells and kickstart that cell renewal process.

Hydration is often the first thing to go out the window with fewer hours of sleep. Luckily, this wonder cream—infused with white camellia and ginger extracts—should plump skin right up. Find it at Chanel counters starting April 1.

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