5 Reasons Why Men Need to Own a Bracelet


In this article I’m going to offer 5 suggestions why you should consider owning a bracelet. It can be quite a divisive subject whether men should wear bracelets with their wrist watches. A lot of stylish men are at sea when it comes to knowing how to style their accessories in general. With that in mind there’s never been a better time to own a high end bracelet and if you’re thinking of upgrading your accessory draw then be sure to check out Azuro Republic. Each one of their bracelets are composed from natural and precious gemstones that are meticulously vetted before being chiselled to perfection by their experts and specialists from all over the world.

The Whatszat?

The ‘whatszat’ is a phrase I picked up from a self-help book years ago. It refers to having something about your presence that invites other people to ask questions like ‘whatszat bracelet made out of?’ Not too dissimilar to peacocking, only it’s more subtle and precise. In this department a bracelet can serve better than a watch. Especially if a female is not comfortable asking about the watch on your wrist for fear of looking materialistic. However, wearing a sleek, well-designed bracelet on your wrist will pique their interest and you’ll find people will gravitate towards that mystique.


Why do we wear accessories at all? We’re communicating something about ourselves to the outside world. I’ve recently witnessed my girlfriend buying fluffy balls to hang off her handbag. She’s letting people know that even her accessories need accessories. My point is, wearing a high end handcrafted Azuro Republic bracelet is like wearing no other accessory. It serves no other utility. It does not tell the time or measure your heart rate. It simply informs others that you are a man that cares deeply about his appearance. That alone is a very direct and powerful message.

Ahead of the Game

This could be the advent of men’s accessories overtaking the wrist watch. Now I’m a huge watch wearer, I have a beautiful dress watch that I was gifted and I will always treasure that watch. Watches will never go out of style or season. That said, the statistics can’t be massaged; there is a decline in luxury watch sales. Possibly coinciding with the advent of Apple watches (more people bought Apple watches than Swiss watches according to a report by Canalys). Another contributing factor could be the falling purchases in luxury watches in China as part of the crackdown to eradicate expensive gifts given to corrupt officials. Or maybe we can just blame it on Brexit. The point is, the bracelet is a growing trend and men’s jewellery is a fast growing industry. Owning a high end bracelet will let others know that you’re a man of style and a man of the times.


Whilst every man can rock a bracelet, not every man can afford a handcrafted beaded bracelet. I used to take great pride in my festival bracelets in my youth. The ones that still had the remnants of beer and chicken-rib sauce kneaded into it. By wearing a bracelet that is attractive, distinguished and looks like it costs slightly more than the one your niece would make you at craft class, you’ll certainly ameliorate yourself as a man that can afford stylish things.

Out of Hours

My favourite and last reason why every man should own a bracelet; Imagine you’re going to an office dinner or hanging out with friends that see you every day in a familiar environment, wearing a familiar work suit or uniform. Sometimes it’s hard to separate that ‘out of office’ look, to the ‘now this is me’ look. You might even like wearing some of the clothes you wear to work, in everyday life. Having the addition of a bracelet at least signifies that you are no longer on the companies time. You have a different facet to your style game, that maybe is not conducive to a work environment. A bracelet is a perfect way to distinguish your out of office look and let your colleagues know, there’s more to you than meets the eye.