5 men’s accessories to take you from drab to debonair

Any suave individual knows that it is down to the impeccable detail that makes any outfit stand out from the rest. The fit of a suit or an element in an outfit that brings out your tan or eye colour will set you apart, but it’s the accessories that will, not only complement an ensemble, but lift it into the realms of absolute sophistication. From gorgeous designer glasses to a statement timepiece to the classic belt, we have delved in to what takes an outfit to the next level, so if you’re looking to up your fashion game with some dashing accessories then read on for our top picks.

Designer glasses

Nothing says suave and sophisticated like a pair of designer glasses to perfectly frame your face and take your fashion to new heights. Whether you like the collections from Tom Ford or something similar we think the designer has it spot on. The man who rescued Gucci from the brink in his role as creative director before starting up his eponymous brand (and branching out into Oscar-nominated film directing) in 2006, his designs include men’s and women’s – and unisex – items including bags, shoes, evening wear, jewellery, beauty products and the like, but his eyewear collections are what attract many. Coming in a range of style and colours, Tom Ford eyeglasses are the detail you need on your face right now.

man belt style

You can’t go wrong with a timeless belt, which will pair well with everything from smart work trousers to more casual shorts or chinos

Luxury timepiece

An item that will certainly make its mark on any outfit is a designer watch. The perfect way to make a statement and often seen as a status symbol, a decent watch does far more than to simply tell the time. Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breitling, Baume and Mercier, Cartier are just some of the brands who offer the most exquisite timepieces money can buy and whatever the occasion you are looking to don your watch for – wedding, business meeting, water sports or everyday wear – you’ll find something to suit your individual style down to the ground. You cannot go wrong with a Rolex; the brand on anyone’s brain when it comes to designer watches and we love their Yacht-Master model for the summer sailing vibes.


Wherever you are heading you will no doubt need to bring a few items with you and while it’s OK to stuff your pockets with your keys, wallet, phone and the like, a stylish man knows that a bag is really where it’s at. You don’t always need to rely on your pockets to hold your essentials and if you are heading further afield, you will need a little more space anyway.

Whether it is a shoulder bag, leather holdall or a traditional briefcase you need, you will find something modish to suit. If you are heading off for a weekend break or even a trip to the beach, can you go wrong with Louis Vuitton luggage? We don’t think so.

man suit style

An item that will certainly make its mark on any outfit is a designer watch


Whether you are looking to make a statement, or you just want something to hold up your tailored trousers or shorts, a belt is a must have item. You can’t go wrong with this timeless accessory, which will pair well with everything from smart work trousers to more casual shorts or chinos. The Emporio Armani Eagle buckle leather belt is a great option if you are looking for a casual look while Aspinal of London offer their classic men’s belt in deep shine brown or black in croc print to smarten up any outfit.


Evidently not something that can be seen, but an element of your outfit that will leave those surrounding you with a sense of what you’re about, is a distinguished fragrance. Whether you opt for a signature scent to leave a lasting impression or you choose your fragrances based on the event or whether it’s day or night, making sure you smell good truly rounds off a great outfit. Tom Ford is another top choice for us, and the Noir Extreme scent is a winning one, though this really is one that comes down to personal taste, so shop around and find something that you can call your own scent.