4 reasons to relocate to Florida in 2020

Thinking of relocating in 2020? Then what better place to up sticks and move your life to than the beautiful sunshine state of Florida? Located in the South East region of the USA, it’s as famous for its sugary, golden sanded beaches as it is for Disney, and there’s a whole sophisticated world awaiting you beyond the tourist circuit.

Offering astonishing cultural diversity combined with great shopping options and a thriving foodie scene to rival anywhere else in the country, there’s a lot to love about this picture-perfect state. And, with a million and one things to do on any given day of the week, you’re guaranteed never to get bored – even if you are living there 365 days a year. Although moving abroad can require a great deal of organisation and a rather hefty dose of stress with it, the fruits of your labour are guaranteed to be worth it. The laid-back Florida lifestyle is like being on a permanent holiday – and what’s not to love about that?

If you need any more convincing, then read on – because the reasons to relocate to the sunshine state just keep on coming.

Luxury real estate

Of course, if you’re looking to relocate anywhere in the world then the first thing on your list will be finding somewhere to live – so find yourself a good realtor and start scoping out the most affluent areas to give you an idea of what’s out there. Companies such as Davenport FL Real Estate will be able to help you find your dream home in the sun. The housing market is booming in Florida, with an abundance of beautiful luxury homes available for purchase across the state. Some of the most desirable are of course the beachfront condos – which are in such demand that they make for great investment properties for those looking to rent them out over the summer months and make a substantial sum back.

Beautiful weather

The sun is almost always shining in Florida, with year-round temperatures hovering around 75F (a comfortable 23C). It’s a great place to invest in a property with some sprawling outdoor space and a private pool, because you’ll be able to enjoy them any time. Just think of those sophisticated pool parties and evening soirees you could hold in a place like that, when the weather is always on your side. The endless sunshine also means that every day is a beach day – so if you’re keen on surfing or any other water sports, or simply enjoy spending time soaking up some rays and taking in the beautiful views, then there’s nowhere better to base yourself. Do be warned, though, that thanks to high humidity levels, Florida is also prone to hurricanes – so do your research before you move and take steps to prepare yourself and your property for potential storms.

Breath-taking beaches

In case you hadn’t gathered it by now, Florida is home to some truly incredible beaches, and these are definitely one of the biggest draws for living in the area. With more than 650 miles of sprawling, sandy shores to enjoy, nestled between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, highlights include Miami Beach, Clearwater and Key West. All are frequented by the hip and the wealthy and are lined with as many quality restaurants and bars to cater for high-end visitors as they are relaxed, casual dining establishments and laid-back beach bars. But it’s the pristine, golden sands and crystal clear waters that hold the real appeal – snorkellers, scuba divers and boaters will be hard pressed to find anywhere on quite the same level.

World-class entertainment

Image credit: travelview/Bigstock.com

With so much action in Florida, you’ll never run out of things to do. Home to some of the very best theme parks in the world, including Busch Gardens, Universal Studios and more, adrenaline junkies will find themselves well catered for. But if the crowds and queues aren’t really your thing, then head to the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral for a mind-blowing experience you won’t get anywhere else in the world or visit the range of museums and art galleries in offer, with something new to discover at every turn.

For something entirely different, you can head off on a ghost tour of St. Augustine – the oldest town and first European settlement in Florida, and a place that is thought to hold some of the sunshine state’s spookiest secrets. If you’re a nature lover then you can even take a swamp tour through the Everglades, where you’ll have the opportunity to spot a range of frogs, birds, fish – and even alligators. If you’re planning on making a life-changing move in 2020, then there are 100 reasons why Florida is a great pick. So, it’s time to start calling that real estate company and make that long-held dream a reality.